Mission: Office Desk Organization

Everyone wants to finish a day at the office feeling productive and successful, but often it can feel like a challenge just to keep up with everything that piles up on your desk. These three simple steps will show you how to organize your office desk, allowing you to focus on the projects that truly matter for your success.

Organized Office Desk

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The Right Office Desks Can Make All The Difference in Employee Morale

Often overlooked in the world of office productivity is the actual working environment itself.

Office Desk with hutch and desk return

There was a television commercial not too long ago that had a new employee being shown his workstation, which was a shared desk with two other employees crammed in elbow to elbow with zero personal space. The desk was clearly not big enough to reasonably accommodate this situation, and the employee just looked disgustedly at the Human Resources person giving the tour and said, “This isn’t up to my standards.” I forget what was actually said, but the point is, proper personal space and working environment are essential to a worker’s mood, morale, and productivity. Rightfully so in my opinion. Who can possibly be productive when they you have such intimate knowledge as to whether or not your co-workers deodorant is functioning properly? (continue reading…)

How to Organize Your Office Desk: Methods for What You Really Need

How to organize your office desk takes more thought than you might think in providing a better sense of productivity. But it doesn’t necessarily have to involve Feng Shui to make things run more efficiently. Office Desk Organized for a Productive Work FlowOrganizing a desk has more to do with a natural flow of where work comes in and ultimately goes out. The rest can be based more on personal preference.

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Collaborative Desks in the Office: Is Privacy Overrated?

Collaborative desks and tables are starting to become part of new open space office designs that promote the idea of better efficiency.Collaborative Desks
Yes, the private cubicle in the office might have had its place in allowing employees to do things that couldn’t be seen by others. But is privacy going away in favor of being more accessible to other employees?

How Collaborative Desks Can Change the Psychology of Employees

Depending on your point of view, residing in a private cubicle may not be as good for you psychologically as being in a more collaborative space. The new thought seems to be saying that when an employee is sitting in a more open environment and using collaborative desks, they’re more apt to be openly engaged in work to avoid slacking. That’s because those employees might be afraid someone will notice them zoning out.

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