Worthington Direct Now Stocking Select School Furniture Products for Prompt Delivery

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Select school furniture products such as Virco stack chairs, open front student desks, combo desks and classroom tables are now being warehoused by Worthington Direct for immediate delivery.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 11, 2008 — Worthington Direct, www.worthingtondirect.com, a supplier of school, church and early childhood furniture and equipment for over 10 years has announced the launch of their new Ready-To-Ship Program. Select school furniture products such as Virco stack chairs, student desks and classroom tables are now being warehoused and are ready for immediate shipment. Schools can now save even more and have their furniture shipped in 24 hours.

Worthington Direct has selected some of the most popular products made by Virco that are commonly purchased by schools. The 9000 Series Stack Chair is available in navy and in four sizes; 12", 14", 16" and 18". They feature soft-plastic shells and tubular steel frames with a contoured design to promote good posture. The stack chairs are lightweight and have ventilation slits on the back to ensure continuous air circulation.

The 785 Open Front Desks by Virco feature spacious desktops made of high-pressure particleboard laminate, available for immediate shipment in medium oak. The desk comes with a plastic bookbox for accommodating books and stationery and a tubular steel frame assembly to ensure durability. Versatility is the strength of these school desks. They can be placed in any classroom and the adjustable height feature makes them suitable for all grade levels. 

If a school needs both student stack chairs and student desks, the 9400BR Combo Desk is a great option that combines both pieces to create neat classroom rows. The combo desk boosts a spacious 18"x24" laminated top in medium oak with an arm connecting the desktop to the navy chair seat for sturdiness. The heavy gauge steel bookrack comes handy and is stylishly placed underneath the seat. 

Adjustable height tables are great for any purpose and are now ready to ship in 24 hours. Quality activity tables by Virco with medium oak laminates are available in two height ranges that make them perfect for schools and colleges to daycare centers and after-school programs. Three rectangular shaped tables are great for art projects or study groups while the kidney shaped and round tables create an optimum space for group learning. 

Worthington Direct has always offered low prices for quality school furniture, and are excited to offer low turnaround time with the new Ready-To-Ship Program. When a school has an unexpected transfer student, they can order from the Ready-To-Ship Program and welcome their new student without stress. Should an emergency occur, a temporary classroom can be outfitted and get students back to their studies. Continue reading

School Chairs that are Chicken Proof

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Are your school chairs and desks made to withstand unorthodox use or school pranks?  Invest in solid plastic chairs and desks that are made strong and are easy to clean.  Worthington Direct offers solid plastic combo desks and adjustable height chairs made by Scholarcraft that are definitely not chicken of a school pranksters. Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today for quality school furniture products that are built to last.

It started out as the most fowl school prank in Philadelphia history. But now it’s just plain foul. That’s because even after 85 frightened, displaced Rhode Island reds were wrangled out of the hallways of Northeast High School, there is something left behind: Chicken poop — and lots of it.

Enough, in fact, to require a Health Department inspection to clear Northeast High to reopen today for its 3,600 students. Last night, school-district spokesman Fernando Gallard said that "we’ve been given the all-clear" by the Health Department, and that the school was set to reopen early this morning. "All the ruffled feathers have been smoothed out," Gallard said.

He said that school maintenance workers had swabbed down the hallways with a cleaning solution of bleach and water to disinfect the areas, where roaming hens spent Sunday night and early Monday morning. The raucous all-hen slumber party — there were no roosters in the bunch — may have been the work of four people seen on a surveillance-camera videotape near the front entrance of the school at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, police and school-district officials said.

Some students said they think it was a Senior Class prank, because this year’s graduating class is the school’s 167th and the numbers 167 were found inside the school. The chickens were found when a building engineer opened the school at 5 a.m. yesterday, Gallard said. The 85 hens were running up and down hallways from the basement to the first and second floors of the three-story building, at Cottman and Algon avenues, in Rhawnhurst.

By the time most students arrived at school about 7:30 a.m., the chickens had been rounded up, said student Bernard Cephas, a junior. He said all he saw was a lot of chicken feed still on the floor when he arrived. But 16-year-old Yardleye, a sophomore who always gets to school early — she arrived at 6:40 a.m. — said that as soon as she walked through the metal detectors, she saw a man walking down the hallway carrying a chicken. "I was wondering why he had a chicken in his hands, and I said, ‘OK, that’s something new,’" said Yardleye, who did not want to give her last name.

Her friend Traci Benson, 16, a junior, said that girls were immediately sent to the auditorium and boys were sent to the gym before the students were dismissed from school for the day so that the building could be cleaned. Gallard said that the chickens were rounded up with the help of staffers from the Fox Chase Farm, a demonstration farm managed by the Swenson Arts and Technology High School on Red Lion Road. Swenson teaches vocational classes in agricultural industries and environmental sciences.

Gallard said that the farm staff brought in crates and advised school maintenance workers to turn off all the lights. "They turned off all the lights and the hens stopped running," Gallard said. People who work with chickens think the prank must have been shocking to the hens. Continue reading

National School Counseling Week

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Worthington Direct would like to thank all of the hard-working student counselors during this National School Counseling Week.  They know best how to handle class schedules, college planning and daily student issues.  But if you have any questions about school furniture, give the school counselor a break and ask Worthington Direct to counsel.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today! National School Counseling Week, which is always the first full week of February, honors school guidance counselors for the importance they play in their students’ academic and personal lives. Each education level, whether it is elementary, middle or high school, requires a certain approach to meeting the needs of the students. Few people outside the school walls fully understand the many different roles and enormous responsibility school counselors shoulder. Debbie Nerren, the school guidance counselor at G. R. Stuart Elementary, is one such individual. “At the elementary level, we do a variety of things, such as individual and group counseling with children, classroom guidance lessons and projects, character education, career days, behavioral and academic assessments and overseeing TCAP and other standardized testing,” said Nerren. Students are told at the beginning of the school year they can come to Nerren with problems and she will work with them on an individual level. For group counseling, she addresses issues such as anger management and divorce for students experiencing these situations. With classroom guidance projects, Nerren said this year’s focus is on Second Step. Twice a year, Nerren teaches violence prevention curriculum. The character education covers “the whole gamut” by teaching friendship skills, conflict resolution and other character building lessons. Nerren stresses the most important role a school guidance counselor has is to serve as a liaison between the schools and outside professional agencies the families and students may need. “We have what’s called an S-Team, which is made up of the guidance counselor, the special services teacher, the speech pathologist, the school psychologist, the principal, teacher, literacy coach, parents and the student. The S-Team basically makes a decision on what is best for the student with his or her particular problem. We come up with a solution based on a behavioral or academic plan. “Anytime a student is referred, we test to see if they qualify for special outside help. We sometimes set families up with learning supplement specialists who are professional counselors,” said Nerren. Nerren said between planning career days and being a part of the S-Team, counselors have a multitude of duties and a tremendous amount of responsibility as educators. “We wear many hats. Counselors today are called on to help with many things. I believe a counselor does see his or her position as serving teachers, families and students. They are called upon to serve the entire school as best we can. Each one of us would say we love what we do because it is very rewarding,” said Nerren. Luz Lamneck and Tammy Guthrie, counselors at Cleveland Middle Schoo, echoed those sentiments. Lamneck is in her first year as a guidance counselor; she did teach for Hamilton County Schools. “What I like about being a guidance counselor is the different type of relationship you can have with the kids versus being a teacher. I like to bond with kids. The counseling aspect to me is more personable and involved and not so much about discipline,” said Lamneck. Guthrie, who has worked at Cleveland Middle School since 2001, agrees school guidance counselors “wear many hats.” Continue reading

Classrooms Monitored by the Green Team

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Classroom furniture isn’t made like it used to be, it’s made better and with the student’s health in mind.  Worthington Direct has many popular classroom furniture pieces, such as stack chairs and student desks, that meet or exceed Greenguard Certification.  Visit www.worthingtondirect.com today and do your part to help the “Green Team” out.


Sixth-grader Sophie Chang stood in front of a computer monitor near a teacher’s desk in a darkened classroom at Julius West Middle School in Rockville. “Yeah, it’s not off. That’s not good,” she said, flicking off the power switch and making a note on a sheet of paper. But the lights were off and the blinds and windows closed, so she gave Room 126 a score of three points out of a possible four on a report card issued by the school’s Green Team, an after-school club dedicated to promoting energy conservation among students and staff members.

Chang and fellow members of the Green Team, which meets Wednesdays, were conducting one of their regular spot-checks to find out whether teachers were taking some simple steps to conserve energy. “Let’s see if the teachers are any more efficient than they were before winter break,” Green Team sponsor and science teacher Nancy Dorne said before the students, armed with report cards that they would tape to classroom doors, fanned through the hallways.

As the classrooms were being checked, about two dozen other team members collected paper, bottles and cans for recycling from blue bins outside classroom doors. The team at Julius West is among 42 Green Teams at county middle and high schools, all organized under the school system’s Green Schools program, which promotes efficient and responsible energy use, program manager Karen Anderson said. Schools must apply to be part of the program; those that are accepted are given tools, such as light meters and infrared temperature guns, to measure energy use.

Schools compete for annual awards of up to $5,000 based on a percentage of energy savings. During the 2006-07 school year, Julius West received $3,400. Four middle and four high schools received $5,000: Winston Churchill High School in Potomac; James Hubert Blake High School in Silver Spring; Damascus High School; John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring; Kingsview Middle School in Germantown; North Bethesda Middle School; Silver Spring International Middle School; and Tilden Middle School in Rockville.

Last year, the school system saved $1.2 million in electricity costs through conservation measures implemented by Green Teams, said Anderson, who initiated the Green Schools program five years ago. “Electricity is our most expensive fuel, and [conservation measures] can make a huge difference here,” she said. Anderson said that the measurement tools help students and staff members understand the concept of energy, which can be difficult to grasp because it isn’t tangible. “But if you can measure it, it suddenly becomes real,” she said. Green teams focus on conserving energy by promoting actions such as turning off lights and computers when not in use.

With the help of teams, some schools have reduced the amount of fluorescent lighting and replaced bulbs with more efficient ones. Continue reading

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