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Is Your School Computer Lab Ready for PARCC?

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The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consists of a group of 14 states and the District of Columbia working to establish a set of high quality, computer-based assessments in K-12 subjects. The PARCC assessments will be ready for administration during the 2014-2015 school year. Other states are either considering joining PARCC or are developing their own computer-based testing initiatives. While this shift in student assessment requires fewer physical resources such as printed testing booklets and writing instruments, schools must prepare to be equipped with the technology and computer furniture requirements necessary for computer-based testing.

PARCC Technology Guidelines

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Schools Trading in Book Carts for Tablet & Laptop Storage Carts

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Traditional textbooks have always taken up a large portion of the school budget, so many schools are turning away from tradition in favor of using tablets and laptops in the classroom.  When a school invests in a collection of electronic devices for students, it is essential to have secure storage for these items, and laptop storage carts can provide a home for them when they are not in use.Laptop & Tablet Storage Charging Cart

As schools start to notice the wisdom in using tablets and laptops in the classroom, many are no longer ordering traditional textbooks.  According to the Times Free Press in “Schools Shift from Textbooks to Tablets,” over 2000 schools have already signed up with Google to use their lightweight Chromebooks next school year.  These inexpensive laptops can not only store textbooks electronically, but also allow students to research topics on the Internet and use the software to complete projects and papers.

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Will Bookcases Become Obsolete in Their Traditional Sense?

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While we will always have plenty of uses for bookcases, will their traditional purpose become obsolete?  Traditionally,  bookcases are used to keep books readily available for easy reference.  However, in this modern age many classrooms are relying on their classroom computer to hold a vast amount of information; once only found inside a bound paper book.


Of course, there is always tradition for tradition’s sake, right? Books are tangible, feel substantial and after enough time on the bookshelf, have a great old smell.  Well maybe not. It was recently reported that many schools are actually doing way with their annual school yearbook.  Traditional schools too, such as the University of Virginia; founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson himself. Reasons sited were budget, naturally, but surprisingly also because of online social sites. Sites such as Facebook, allow students to create digital memories online and remain connected without the need for a hand-scribbled addresses or phone numbers in the back of a yearbook. It makes packing up a door room a lot easier.

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Bretford Unveils First Laptop Computer Carts With a Brain

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CHICAGO – June 15, 2009 – Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., today introduced the first laptop computer carts smart enough to protect and preserve the valuable technology equipment inside of them. Developed primarily for educational environments, Bretford’s new Intelligent Laptop Computer carts incorporate a sophisticated Power Management System (patent pending), or “brain” that decreases hestresses while proportionally distributing power to the laptops, thereby lengthening battery life. Production models of the Intelligent Laptop Computer carts will be shown in the Bretford Showroom at and electrical (#330) during the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2009, June 15–17, at Merchandise Mart Chicago, and in booth #5281 during InfoComm 2009, June 17–19, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

“It’s exciting to have so many schools using one-to-one technology equipment like laptops in the classroom. But using laptops can be an enormous – and somewhat intimidating – responsibility for educators,” said Jim Fisher, product manager for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “The beauty of the Intelligent Laptop Computer carts is the brain inside of them. This brain protects and preserves the life of the laptops by reducing heat and redistributing power, which minimizes wear and tear on the batteries. Instructors can now focus on using the technology to enhance learning instead of worrying if their students’ laptops will have enough battery life to make it through the lesson.”

As the fifth generation of laptop carts made by Bretford, the new Intelligent Laptop Computer cart line includes two different models, with ample space for either 20 horizontally stored or 30 vertically stored laptops.

Brainy Carts The brain in each Intelligent Laptop Computer cart is responsible for charging the laptop batteries, with no manual switching or timer required. It redistributes power every three minutes not only to ensure consistent Intelligent Laptop Computer Cart charging, but also to keep the laptops cool and prevent overheating. The brain also senses when the laptop batteries are almost charged, then automatically decreases power, which extends battery life and saves energy.

The brain’s one-touch sequencing allows for easy navigation to one of three modes: Round Robin, which is ideal for charging, as it is engineered to send power to individual laptops and allow for cool-down time; Turbo, which enables users to quickly charge a block of laptops; and Auxiliary, which diverts power to outlets in the brain so that other technology products, like printers or scanners, can be plugged in as well.

Clutter Free Located in the back of the carts, the Cable Clutter Closet provides storage and identification for computer cords and cables. The lockable closet arranges all the cords into special compartments, providing storage and identification for up to 30 wire/cable sets. Both the front and rear access doors fold back against the cabinet sides, making it easy to access the computers from the front while managing cables from the back.

Mobile, Durable and Secure The carts can move or remain permanent room fixtures. Each solid-steel cart includes 5″ plate-mounted swivel wheels, including two that lock into a rigid position to safely move long distances and then unlock for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. The two wheels on the opposite ends of the cabinet have locking brakes to prevent rolling when the cart is stationary. Additionally, two built-in push/pull handles – one on each side of the cart – allow for manageability during movement. To keep the laptops secure from damage or theft, the carts include two 40mm resettable combination padlocks and three-point locking bars on both the front and rear doors. A divider panel secures the computers from the back, and the cart doors fit snugly under an overlapping top.

Made for the Environment The Intelligent Laptop Computer carts require only a single circuit – one plug to the wall outlet for the whole cart – to minimize circuit tripping and reduce electricity consumption. The carts also have perforated sides, tops and doors to allow proper ventilation while charging. Both models are in the process of becoming UL certified, RoHS compliant and GREENGUARD certified. These designations will allow architects and designers to use the carts in applications where LEED credits can be applied and long-term health and safety are of the utmost concern.

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