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How To Decorate Your Office Like a Pro

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Giving your office space a professional makeover will make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, hiring the services of an interior decorator can cost you between $50 and $500 an hour. The professionals insist it’s worth the outlay, but you can enjoy a professionally decorated office space without the expense if you follow these seven clever tips. 7 Ways to Decorate Your Office Like a Pro

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HON Furniture on Extreme Makeover

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The HON Company is joining forces with “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and The Nashville Build to rebuild Lighthouse Christian School in Nashville, TN. A team from HON visited Nashville to install SmartLink™ education solutions and more to help the school recover from the damage sustained during the May flooding. In addition to installing classrooms and several offices worth of furniture they also provided the furnishings for the VIP tent. The episode will air on ABC this fall, check your local listings for details.

The makeover project, is a pre-school in Nashville that was a victim of the punishing May floods. HON, North America’s leader in workplace furniture solutions, is responding to a call from the show’s design team to provide its award-winning SmartLink™ classroom furniture systems, along with seating for students as well as for instructors and aides. The contribution of furnishings, which will also include administrative offices and complete the entire facility beyond the four classrooms due to be revealed in a broadcast this fall.

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The HON Company Changes the Face of the American Classroom

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White Chalk and Blackboards are Being Replaced by PowerPoint, Flat Screens and Innovative Classroom Furniture to Accommodate this Evolving Environment The HON Company’s new SmartLink(TM) furniture system connects the teacher, the students and the environment together in a uniquely synergistic manner designed to foster an interactive learning process.

MUSCATINE, IA–(Marketwire – August 19, 2008) – Rest in peace, dear #2 pencil. Same for you, 3-ring binder. For years, you were at the top of back-to-school shopping lists for students around the country. Instead, you have been replaced by ink cartridges, laptops and jump drives.

And the face of the American classroom itself is evolving as well — chalkboards and transparencies are being replaced with flat screens and digital projectors. Today’s classrooms also focus on collaboration and teamwork, requiring a more flexible work environment. Teachers are more interactive and mobile than in previous generations, leading to the crumbling of the traditional, hierarchical "teacher in the front/rows of students"-type set-up.

To determine the needs of today’s classroom, The HON Company, a leading office furniture designer and manufacturer, interviewed teachers, principals, administrators, students and designers. The result? SmartLink™ — a revolutionary classroom furniture system. This unique technology-centric furniture solution connects the teacher, the students and the environment together in a uniquely synergistic manner designed to foster an interactive learning process.

"SmartLink takes into account the changing needs of schools, such as technological needs, flexibility, storage and organization," said Jim Cahill, HON’s vice president of systems and education. "The fact that it’s mobile allows teachers to easily reconfigure any classroom to facilitate interactive learning or to better support their own teaching style."

Cahill noted that a comprehensive solution, such as SmartLink, is new to the education market. In the past, education professionals had to purchase classroom furnishings and storage options from multiple suppliers, making seamless integration difficult. The introduction of SmartLink has revolutionized the way classrooms can be designed and utilized — not only for today’s needs but also those of the future.

In creating SmartLink, HON sought to create furnishings that would:

– Be the best utilization of space while providing the ultimate in productivity

– Configure for a variety of learning and teaching environments, from kindergarten to high school classrooms

– Offer flexible storage and wall systems that can be customized for any classroom

– Synchronizes teacher and student desks for a complete classroom look

– Hold up to high traffic and heavy use

SmartLink’s four key components include a teacher station, modular storage, a wall rail system and a student desk. The products visually integrate to provide a holistic solution that supports space utilization and a variety of learning styles, as well as a variety of technology requirements.

Teacher desk

Teacher Station

The innovative design of this durable, adaptable piece of furniture offers ample work and storage space that can accommodate multiple teaching styles, classroom layouts and technology needs. As a mobile station, it can be easily repositioned within the classroom. As a desk, it can organize and manage teaching materials, equipment and technology, and provides ample storage for files, books and magazines.

Modular Storage

From pencils, paperclips and markers to pipe cleaners, laptops and backpacks… keeping today’s classroom organized is definitely a challenge. HON’s solution? A modular storage system that adapts to the needs of different classrooms by employing a variety of trays, shelves and cabinets that can accommodate any classroom configuration. "The reaction to our modular storage solution has been phenomenal," added Cahill. "It’s not that teachers aren’t organized — it’s that they’ve never had the right equipment to allow them to get organized."

Wall Rail System

The unique wall rail system delivers better use of wall and floor space, even in the most space-challenged classroom. Its multifunctional, multi-track rail allows sliding and reversible presentation boards and worksurface solutions to be configured in numerous ways. These components, which literally hang off the rail system, can easily accommodate and organize different teaching styles and facilitate several learning activities at one time.

Student Desks

SmartLink student desks provide a multi-functional solution capable of increasing student productivity and enhancing learning activities, including individual, group-collaborative and teacher-centered work. The triangular desktop shape and ergonomic user edge offers comfort and support, while the wire basket and backpack hook keeps all essential materials within reach. The adjustable height ranges from 22 to 32 inches in 1-inch increments, which means the same desk can allow students of all grade levels to sit comfortably. Tops on student desks are large enough for notebooks and laptops and are "non-handed," providing greater arm support to both right- and left-handed users. The desks themselves are lightweight and can be easily configured into individual rows or collaborative configurations, which is further facilitated by the shape.

HON products are available through its authorized dealer, Worthington Direct, the leader in discount school furniture. 

 The HON Company Changes the Face of the American Classroom

Worthington Direct Releases List of New Products for 2008

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Worthington Direct has posted a selection of 90 new products on their website and have printed three new product catalogs for 2008.

Worthington Direct www.worthingtondirect.com, a supplier of school, church and early childhood furniture and equipment for over 10 years has completed their new catalog for 2008. Catalogs have been mailed and mailboxes everywhere are full of great options for any classroom, church facility or child care center. For those that prefer to shop online, www.worthingtondirect.com is only a click away and has been fully updated with all of the new 2008 products.

Some of the new product highlights include the much-anticipated lines from Virco, the Metaphor and Telos. These updated models give new life to their classic classroom chairs and desks. Available in the same designer colors they will blend in well with existing Virco products. Made with some of the most advanced materials available, these chairs and desks are built to become the next classic.

Suitable for younger students, Mooreco has created a new line of classroom furniture aptly named Brite-Kids. The line includes classroom tables, heavy-duty chairs, cubbie storage units and a book stand. Four vibrant colors tie all of the furniture together to create the look of a fully furnished classroom. Mooreco, the makers of Best-Rite writing surfaces, has launched a new Flexi-Color trim markerboard that match the Brite-Kids furniture line.

Worthington Direct has not forgotten about the hard working teachers and school administration, just look at all of the new office products offered in 2008. Sturdy metal and beautiful wood desks are now being offered by HON, Office Source and Sandusky Lee. Create a great resource library with a matching wood bookcase by Office Source. Several new office task chairs are now available, but for comfort and style the Air Flow Executive Chair by OFM is a great buy.

Keep organized in 2008 with the new metal cubbie storage unit by Atlantic Metal. Available in several colors, it would make a great addition to any locker or break room. Perhaps floor space is limited; wall mounted storage cabinets by Sandusky Lee keep materials and electronics locked up and out of the way.

Other new products that are not to be missed, are two new mobile crib lines by Foundations. The Biltmore Crib line are mobile cribs that have deluxe wood styling that will provide a refined look to any nursery. The Safety Craft line offers all of the quality features for the cost conscious customer. No nursery should be without the First Responder safety signs that are now available from Worthington Direct.

Other key products that will be hot this year are the Melody Chair and Music Stand by National Public Seating. The Italian styled trikes by Italtrike will make playtime a real treat. In keeping with the trends, there are now several new plasma and flat panel TV carts and mounts available from Bretford, Luxor and H.Wilson.

The new product list from Worthington Direct goes on and on, so visit their online store today at www.worthingtondirect.com. Contact them today if you would like to receive one of their three new 2008 catalogs. continue reading

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