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Promote a Healthy Work Environment With an Office Bike Rack

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Encouraging your employees to substitute driving to work with biking to work has numerous benefits for everybody involved. As an employer, your goal is to supply your team with a rewarding environment that promotes the best possible work conditions. Outdoor Bike Rack

Adding bike racks to the outside of your office building and outlining the advantages of commuting to work by bike provides your staff with the information needed to make an educated decision on how they can best help themselves and the company they work for. Make the transition easy by providing your staff with safely located outdoor bike racks allowing secure storage without interrupting the workplace.

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Even With Your School’s Furniture, It Is Possible To “Go Green”

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Everywhere you look today you find references to “going green” and “reducing your carbon footprint”.  While solar energy or composting are obvious ways you can go green, there are other, less noticeable ways, that you can help our planet even when making your school furniture buying decisions.Greenguard Certified School Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is designated as such because of a more environmentally responsible manufacturing process or the furniture is made in a way that means it does not make a negative impact on indoor air quality.  Our “green” furniture is approved by The Greenguard Environmental Institute which is a non-profit organization that certifies materials and products that meet their strict standards for emissions.  Additionally, the Greenguard Children and Schools program works to ensure that products used in daycare centers and schools meet the most rigorous standards available.

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Congo Street Green Initiative

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Eco-friendly, green, low carbon footprint, environmentally conscious. These terms are becoming important to consumers when buying everyday objects. From eco-friendly furniture, local food, and hybrid cars, we are all doing our part to make an effort.

For some, the objects we fill our homes and garages with are just a tip of the iceberg. A whole street in Dallas, Texas is slowing turning green and compassionately so. The Congo Street Green Initiative is not just transforming an aging street into a green habitiat, but is improving family’s lives in the process.

Here is the mission statement found on the Congo Street Green Initiative’s blog:

A recent visit from Emmitt Smith on Congo Street

This narrow street, with 17 single-family and duplex houses all built before 1910, was often referred to as the “all-colored alley” – a reference as much to its demographic as to its small scale. In 1933 the City of Dallas officially changed its name from Carroll Drive to Congo Street, an overt reference to Africa meant to ‘forewarn’ whites attending the State Fair just a few blocks to the South. Sixty years later, the Street’s landlord deeded properties on the North side of the street to long-time residents, and many of those who live there now are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of former renters, witness to multiple generations of its tight-knit community.

The process of restoring structural integrity to the Street developed out of a desire to preserve the pervasive sense of community and to respect the economic options available to neighbors as both land and homeowners. Each resident has expressed a desire to remain on Congo despite the need to repair their home, and have therefore deferred previous plans that sought to displace them, even temporarily.

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The Eco-Friendly Classroom

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Children learn by example and if they see the adults in their lives working on the three “R’s”, reduce, reuse, recycle there is a good chance that they too will become environmentally responsible. Setting up a green classroom may seem like like a daunting task but its really very simple to do.  There are many eco-friendly school furniture products available as well as many ‘green’ school supplies on the market.

Teachers can make many small and easy changes in order for their classroom to be more eco-friendly. To help get you started on your way to a greener school year here are several tips on how to run an environmentally friendly classroom provided by Danielle Crofford Fetters.

Sproutz Line, Eco-Friendly School Furniture by Jonti-CraftHave Recycling Bins Available

Encourage the children in your classroom to recycle everything from plastic drink bottles, aluminum cans to paper by having clearly marked recycle bins in the classroom. If new recycling bins are not in the budget, simply use discarded cardboard boxes or school furniture boxes from the office.

Turn Off Lights When Leaving The Classroom

Set an example for the children in your classroom by always remembering to turn off the lights and other electronic devices whenever you leave the classroom. You could even appoint a child the job of light monitor and let them be in charge of insuring that all lights are turned off in the classroom whenever you leave it.Turning off lights when not in use is good for the environment and your schools budget.

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