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Dramatic Play – Kid’s Kitchen Play Ideas

Dramatic play – kid’s kitchen sets in preschools and day care centers promote pretend play in young children. It is important to have pretend play props available for young children to participate in spontaneous pretend play. Setting up a kitchen area, along with other props, such as aprons and cooking supplies encourages creative thinking and interaction with peers. Children learn how to cope with the world around them by imitating their parents and other adults in their lives. You can set the stage for dramatic play with a kid’s kitchen set, encouraging pretend play. Below are some benefits to dramatic play and some play ideas to help get you students involved.

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How to Utilize Limited Space in a Preschool

Whether you’re setting up a new classroom or trying to rearrange your current preschool, the size of your room plays an important role in how you organize your various learning centers and areas.Mobile Storage Unit for Preschool

But what if you have a small classroom? What if each learning center can’t have its own area? How do you utilize limited space?

With Worthington Direct’s quality furniture, designed specifically with young children in mind, you can take a small space and have endless opportunities for child development, imagination and learning.

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Create Learning Centers with Preschool Furniture

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or updating an existing preschool, teachers need to present a classroom that is aesthetically pleasant and conducive to learning.  Three and four-year-olds love to move around the room to different learning areas, and with the right preschool furniture you can encourage children to grow and develop.Preschool Daycare Furniture

Group Circle Area

You’ll want to have one area where the class can congregate for whole group activities, such as circle or story time.  Since preschool children usually sit on the floor, warm up the area with a colorful carpet.  Choose one that fits your space well, and leaves plenty of room for students.  Add in a book display or storage system so children have access to books any time of the day as they begin establishing their pre-reading skills.

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Let Them Know You’re A Professional With Preschool Furniture

Jonti-Craft kids art easelIf you are thinking about opening a daycare for the local community from home or rented structure, you should seriously consider commercial duty preschool and daycare furniture to help you develop a good work and play environment for your kids – and let parents know that you mean business. When a parent walks into a daycare facility, they don’t want to see your personal furniture. Without appropriate furniture, your school will appear to be unprofessional and slap shod, no matter what the quality of daycare you have.

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