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Student Desks Are Still Taking from the Past and Developing for the Future

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Student desks have evolved considerably since first created in recognizable form back in the late 19th century. Vintage Open Front School Desk

But it seems many pieces of office and school furniture have been taking from the past in recent years with designers bringing them full circle. Those designs might be slightly competing with much more modern designs that don’t yet seem to fit into the mainstream.

Let’s take a look at school desks being sold today here at Worthington Direct that borrow elements from many decades ago. However, will those someday give way to a very 21st century school desk that was already introduced several years ago?

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School Furniture Made in the USA

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A producer of classroom furniture for schoolchildren, Artco-Bell Corp. of Temple, Texas, has transferred production of steel and polypropylene goods from foreign to domestic sources. Although that has meant an increase in unit costs, eliminating transoceanic shipping has reduced total expenses by as much as 20 percent, said Stephen Sykes, vice president of marketing.

American Desk Solid Plastic DeskStudent DeskAmerican Desk

Worthington Direct is a proud dealer of Artco-Bell school furniture products.  Visit http://www.worthingtondirect.com today for quality American Desk products such as Activity Tables, Teacher’s Desk, Stack Chairs, Combo Desks and Open Front Desks.

Over the past eight years, he said, the cost to ship a container from China increased from $2,200 to more than $7,000. “For a while, [the Chinese] were buying steel better than we could buy steel,” Mr. Sykes said. “But as the scales began to balance as far as what they were purchasing in raw and what we were purchasing in raw, then the freight became the issue. The great equalizer is the boat ride back over.”

Increased wages in China have produced a new middle class, Mr. Sykes said. If Chinese wage gains remain high, he said, his company’s shift to domestic production could become a long-term change.

“I don’t know how it’s going to slip the other way,” he said. U.S. labor costs are still higher than Chinese, but other factors help make U.S. production more tempting, said Mr. Kazazian. “You’re never going to have $2-an-hour labor” in the United States, he said. “But with quality, time, efficiency, you close the gap.” Mr. Sykes said he is happy that his company has reduced foreign outsourcing from 12 percent to less than 4 percent of total output in the past year and a half.

“Not only does it make it feasible, but it sure makes us feel a heck of a lot better to do business in the United States,” he said. Mr. Kazazian said domestic manufacturing helps his company keep customers satisfied while encouraging patriotic pride. “Given the opportunity, American workers are better than anyplace else,” he said. “The pride that they have when they come in and produce a product is something missing in a lot of other places. Because at the end of the day, there’s a lot of advantages to being made in the USA.” American Desk School Furniture

Green Schools

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Greenguard Certified

Last week, the house approved the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act, H.R. 3021, legislation to make schools greener, and improve conditions for those with environmentally linked health problems. The bill passed by a vote of 250-164. This bill ensures that 90 percent of the funds allocated will be directed towards the purchase of greener furniture, such as Greenguard certified furniture. Greenguard is rapidly becoming the standard in "green school" furniture, with many manufacturers providing a wide selection of Greenguard certified chairs, school desks, activity tables, and more. As the green segment of school and church furniture continues to grow, companies such as Worthington Direct strives to expand their selection of green furniture for environmentally and health conscious schools.

Many of Virco’s products, such as the Metaphor series, and Telos series, as well as the classic Virco series chair desks’ tops are made entirely of Virco’s proprietary Fortified Recycled Wood to help improve the amount of reclaimed materials used in manufacturing. For more Virco products that use green materials such as Fortified Recycled Wood, visit Worthington Direct.

Telos Solid Plastic School Furniture by Virco

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For decades, schools across America chose earlier generations of classroom furniture with hard plastic seats, backrests and work surfaces because of their remarkably colorfast, stain-resistant and chip-resistant qualities. Unfortunately, the durability benefits of hard plastic chairs were offset by widespread seating comfort issues and universally poor stacking.

Until now.

Telos Classroom Stack Chair             Telos Combo Desk

Conceived by award-winning designers Peter Glass and Bob Mills, Telos continues the Virco tradition of product durability while incorporating important ergonomic benefits to set a new standard of comfort and support for mid-priced hard plastic seating. All Telos models are certified according to the stringent GREENGUARD(r) for Children and Schools Program for indoor air quality.

The seats, backs and work surfaces in Telos products are made from Virco’s proprietary Fortified Recycled Wood(tm) hard plastic. Furniture made with Fortified Recycled Wood is highly sustainable due to its long service life. And when ultimately withdrawn from service, Fortified Recycled Wood components are fully recyclable through Virco’s pioneering Take-Back Program that helps schools recycle out-of-service furniture. Even more significantly, Virco can process Take-Back items and other post-consumer materials in its own factory for the Fortified Recycled Wood used in Telos products. By extending the useful life of out-of-service furniture materials that would otherwise go to a landfill, Fortified Recycled Wood and Take-Back make a unique contribution to "closing the recycling loop" in the classroom furniture industry.

Telos is the first hard plastic furniture collection to include 4-leg chairs that form a 10-high truly vertical stack. Moreover, model N318 4-leg chairs can be stacked 10-high and moved on Virco’s model HCT789 and HCT4 chair trucks. The Telos product line includes: 4-leg chairs with four seat heights; a selection of 4-leg combo units with two work surface sizes, an optional bookrack and an optional backpack hanger; two adjustable task chairs, one of which has a reduced shell size and a shorter adjustment range for smaller users; and an adjustable lab stool.

All of the quality products manufacturer by Virco can be purchased through their authorized dealer, Worthington Direct at http://www.worthingtondirect.com.

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