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How to Utilize Limited Space in a Preschool

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Whether you’re setting up a new classroom or trying to rearrange your current preschool, the size of your room plays an important role in how you organize your various learning centers and areas.Mobile Storage Unit for Preschool

But what if you have a small classroom? What if each learning center can’t have its own area? How do you utilize limited space?

With Worthington Direct’s quality furniture, designed specifically with young children in mind, you can take a small space and have endless opportunities for child development, imagination and learning.

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Combination Desks vs. Chair and Desk

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Should there really be a combination desk vs chair and desk debate about which configuration works the best in schools?

Combo Chair Desks

Perhaps it’s already a clear choice for many educators. That’s because there’s very distinct differences between combination chair desks and using an ordinary chair and table. Much of that has to do with comfort, classroom time, and even the chance of noise prevention.

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Feng Shui And Student Desks: How Placement Can Enhance Learning

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In order to be a good teacher, one needs to consider the best interests of one’s students before everything else.  Teachers want nothing but success for their students and they strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will foster growth and learning.  All you need to see is the look of pride on a teacher’s face when presented with a students success and you will know how much they really care.School Classroom Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese saying tells us that a “brilliant teacher means a brilliant student”.  The Chinese have always invested in the education of their children and would do whatever they could to ensure the child’s success in the learning environment.  This is where the ancient practice of Feng Shui would come into play.

These are some of the ways that the teachers created spaces that were most conducive with learning.

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