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Koi Collaborative Desks – New Product Spotlight

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In regards to Feng Shui, the water element is said to enhance the ability to go with the flow.  The Koi fish on the other hand are known for their strength and ability to swim upstream, through waterfalls and other obstacles reach their destination. The new Koi collaborative desk from Paragon is just that, durable classroom furniture that can power through various streams of curriculum throughout the workday.

Koi Collaborative Student Desk by Paragon

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Student Desks Are Still Taking from the Past and Developing for the Future

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Student desks have evolved considerably since first created in recognizable form back in the late 19th century. Vintage Open Front School Desk

But it seems many pieces of office and school furniture have been taking from the past in recent years with designers bringing them full circle. Those designs might be slightly competing with much more modern designs that don’t yet seem to fit into the mainstream.

Let’s take a look at school desks being sold today here at Worthington Direct that borrow elements from many decades ago. However, will those someday give way to a very 21st century school desk that was already introduced several years ago?

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Purchasing School Furniture: Don’t Forget What Goes Under That Desk

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When you are responsible for the acquisition of your school’s furniture you will look at desks, chairs, collaborative desks, teacher’s desks and more but, there is one area that can often be overlooked. When designing the young student’s classroom be sure to look down, at the floor. Many times you will see a plain, well worn, rather drab floor but consider instead using that space to engage and educate the students that call that classroom home.

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Classroom Thrones by Royal Seating

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With the Royal wedding bells still ringing in the distance (across the pond) we feel it’s a perfect time to introduce our latest fancy lad and lass classroom seating option; The King stack chair by Royal Seating.

The King Stack Chair by Royal Seating

The King Stack Chair

As the name suggests, this stack chair is fit for a king, but priced for the masses. It has a generous seat size and is ideal for all body types, from grades four to adult.  [bows]

Constructed of one-piece, contoured, polypropylene shell that is connected to cross braces of 16-gauge steel.  The King stack chair is available with a chrome finished frame, or a durable powder coat frame and your choice of several shell colors. It quite literally is a classroom throne that will last for reigns to come.

Like all royal subjects, this classroom chair comes from an excellent bloodline that have ruled the school furniture industry for over 40 years.  Royal Seating has been “at the foundation of education” and has a strong focus on core school furniture products such as school chairs, classroom desks, and activity tables.  Look for their popular 1101 series stack chairs that are currently on sale for a limited time.

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