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How to Utilize Limited Space in a Preschool

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Whether you’re setting up a new classroom or trying to rearrange your current preschool, the size of your room plays an important role in how you organize your various learning centers and areas.Mobile Storage Unit for Preschool

But what if you have a small classroom? What if each learning center can’t have its own area? How do you utilize limited space?

With Worthington Direct’s quality furniture, designed specifically with young children in mind, you can take a small space and have endless opportunities for child development, imagination and learning.

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Tips for Selecting Multicultural Classroom Carpets

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When setting up a multicultural classroom, there are various elements to take into consideration.

Bilingual Classroom Carpet

One of them is the classroom’s décor. Ideally, it should contain furnishing and decorative items that are culturally relevant. This includes the carpeting.

When selecting multicultural classroom carpets, there are several factors to consider.

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