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Everybody has had a job where the break room was avoided.  These rooms, filled with old, cast-off furniture, a refrigerator filled with items that may have been food but now look like a science experiment, give an overall unclean, unwelcome feeling.  Consider buying some new break room furniture to make the room more inviting.  Giving your lounge room a face-lift will not only make employees feel respected and honored, it may make them more productive.Break Room Cafe Table and Chairs

According to the National Safety Council, 83% of people choose to forego the breakroom and eat in their workspace.  However, a desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.  By making your break room a welcome environment, employees may be sick less, and will get more work done.

Break Room Tables

In your room, consider the space and choose tables that will fit well.  Cafe tables are an excellent choice because employees can gather in small groups and converse on their down time, and it gives the room a warm, welcoming touch.  If your room has to seat a lot of people in a limited space, or the tables need to be removed at times for an alternate purpose, consider folding tables.  While nothing fancy, most employees will appreciate a nice clean surface to eat their lunch.

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