Enhance Preschool Literacy with Great Book Storage

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Take a look at the reading center in your daycare or preschool. Is it attractive and inviting for youngsters? How are the materials organized?
Preschool Book Storage Reading Nook
Worthington Direct specializes in furniture for children including book displays and book storage. Whether you have a small independent preschool or a larger day care center, we have what you need to help create a fun and educational environment for your children. What better way to display books and magazines than with child sized book shelves? According to the National Institute of Literacy, a quality daycare or preschool has a variety of reading materials available for children.

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Tips to Keep Your Child Reading This Summer

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Use these creative ideas to get your child hooked on reading this summer from the staff at GreatSchools.
During the summer, books might be the last thing on your child’s mind. Most kids are ready for a break and happy to trade in reading, writing and arithmetic for summer camp, family vacations and lazy beach days. But many studies have shown that children who read when they’re away from school perform better academically than those who don’t. Here are 10 ways to get even the most reluctant reader engaged in a reading adventure.
1. Use Hollywood to inspire your child to read. Take advantage of movies and DVDs that are based on books appropriate for your child’s age. This summer look for thebig-screen version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which seems more appropriate for older kids. (You’ll have to wait until the fall for the much-anticipated release of Where the Wild Things Are.) For DVDs, Hoot,based on Carl Hiaasen’s first novel for young readers, might appeal to your middle-school child and pique his interest in the writer’s more recent book for young readers, Flush. Renting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gives you an opportunity to introduce your younger child to other books by Roald Dahl such as James and the Giant Peach and The BFG.
2. Play a summer reading game at your local library or start your own book club. Many libraries offer online sign-ups for these popular summer reading programs. Most have a set reading list,

and if children read all of the titles within a certain time frame, they win a prize. You could also create your own reading game at home with a chart, stickers and perhaps a grand prize of the child’s choice. Another alternative is to get a group of kids together to form a neighborhood book group, where members can discuss what they are reading or exchange books.
3. Involve your child in planning your family vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the ballpark or across the country, have your child research the players, the sites and even the weather in programs, brochures, guidebooks or a Farmer’s Almanac or on the Internet.
4. Start a collection. Help your children become experts on something this summer by starting a collection. Encourage them to visit Web sites, view videos and look for library books to learn more about their new interest.
5. Visit a comic shop. The transformation of classic comic strips like Scooby-Doo, Spiderman and Batman into major motion pictures has renewed an interest in comic books. They make especially good reading material for visual and artistic learners, as they allow readers to make easy connections between picture sequences and written text. Encourage your child to read comics and even create his own comic strip this summer.
6. Read cookbooks and packaged food labels. Have your children select recipes they would like to try. Include them in grocery shopping and meal preparation. Encourage them to read product labels so they know what they will be eating. You might be surprised to find they enjoy family meals more when they’ve taken part in the process.
7. Read instruction pamphlets. This kind of practical reading helps children connect reading with hands-on learning. Reading instructions for building projects, assembling games or blowing up pool toys can give children a real sense of accomplishment.
8. Read the newspaper aloud. Start reading parts of newspaper articles aloud and encourage your child to do the same. Some newspapers even have children’s sections. This is a great way to engage your child in conversation and promote his interest in what is going on in the world. Suggest to your child that he read aloud to a sibling or young friend, or volunteer together to read to an elderly person.
9. Get a magazine subscription for your child. There are numerous magazines that are targeted to young kids and preteens. Kids can often identify with the voice and subject matter, and the articles will hold their attention. Even if it’s not Swiss Family Robinson, the benefits of continued reading might make up for the lack of weightier content.
10. Be a reading role model. Let them see you read. Read anywhere — the airport, bus stop, doctor’s office, swimming pool, etc. If they see you reading for enjoyment, they will want to read, too.

No Child Left Behind Shows Achievement

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 49169 Double Sided Pick-A-Book Stand by Jonti-Craft

Student achievement in reading and math has increased since the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted in 2002, according to the most comprehensive and thorough study to date of the results of state tests administered as part of the landmark federal education law.

In addition, the number of states in which achievement gaps among groups of students have narrowed far exceeds the number of states in which gaps widened since 2002, according to Answering the Question that Matters Most: Has Student Achievement Increased Since No Child Left Behind?, a report from the Washington, D.C.-based Center on Education Policy (CEP).

The study is unique as it includes verified data from all 50 states – much of which is available for the first time in the report – and investigates achievement trends both before and after the passage of NCLB. The report also limits its analysis to testing data that is comparable from year-to-year, eliminating data in grades and subjects where states have made significant changes to their assessment systems.

The report also uses two methods for evaluating achievement, including the percentage of students considered proficient – the primary measure of adequate yearly progress under NCLB – and effect sizes, a measure based on average test scores that addresses some of the limitations of the percentage proficient measure. Using either method, the report finds that the number of states showing achievement gains since 2002 is far greater than the number showing a decline.

In addition, yearly gains are generally greater after 2002 in states where comparable data prior to 2002 was available. However, the report notes that the gains cannot be attributed directly to No Child Left Behind, as considerable federal, state and local reform efforts have all been underway prior to and since 2002. "American educators and students were asked to raise academic achievement, and they have done so," said Jack Jennings, president & CEO of the independent, private nonprofit Center on Education Policy. "The weight of evidence indicates that state test scores in reading and mathematics have increased overall since No Child Left Behind was enacted.

However, there should be no rush to judgment as there may be many factors contributing to the increased achievement." The study identified several possible reasons for the results, including increased learning, teaching to the test, more lenient tests, scoring or data analyses, and changes in the populations tested. "Any or all of these factors in combination could be contributing to these trends," the report indicates. continue reading

New Booktrucks from Bretford

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Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., the leading supplier of high quality technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn, today introduced four new contemporary book trucks for schools, libraries and offices. All four of the compact designs ship fully assembled for easy set-up and can be delivered in small quantities by UPS for up to an 80 percent savings in shipping expenses as compared to traditional freight costs. Visit www.worthingtondirect.com to view other products produced by Bretford Manufaturing, Inc. or call us for a quote on these new book trucks at (800)599-6636.

According to Dave Smith, product manager, Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., “Book trucks are an essential part of every school, library and office. But setting up a book truck can require time-consuming assembly labor. And because a lot of the standard book truck designs are big and bulky, they are extremely expensive to ship.” He continued, “Bretford’s new book trucks arrive to our customers completely constructed, which eliminates set-up hassles. By sending smaller orders of five or fewer book trucks via UPS, users have the ability to achieve significant savings in shipping costs.”

The new book trucks can be used to store, display and transport everything from books to mail to computer equipment like laptops and DVDs. They are arc welded and fully assembled at the factory to ensure quality and longevity. All of the new book trucks feature smooth rounded handles with designer twin wheel casters rated at 125 pounds each for easy movement when carrying a large number of heavy items. They are constructed from durable, all-steel material and finished in nine different powder paints for years of reliable strength and a wide variety of colors to match the style and décor of their environment.

The new BOO227 is single-sided with extra deep slant shelves for the storage of large books, binders and files, while the BOOV5, BOOF7 and BOOFV6 are all double-sided to maximize storage capabilities. The BOOV5 features two double-sided slant shelves, the BOOF7 features two flat shelves and the BOOFV6 has a combination flat shelf on top and double-sided slant shelf on the bottom.

All of the new book trucks come standard with a 12-year standard parts and labor warranty.

About Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. Headquartered in Franklin Park, IL, Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. is the leading supplier of high quality technology and media furniture that improves how people work and learn. Founded in 1948, Bretford holds almost six decades of expertise dedicated solely to the design and manufacturer of furniture solutions. Today with nearly 500 employees and 340,000 square feet of production space, Bretford’s products and accessories are part of the most comprehensive line-up of furniture solutions available from a single manufacturer. By offering intelligent furniture designs that support evolving technology, Bretford has enabled offices, institutions, organizations and corporations to increase productivity and efficiency. Bretford’s superior workmanship and environmentally-compliant manufacturing and operation practices ensure dependable products that are further backed by the industry’s best 20-year parts and labor warranty for library furniture products and 12-year parts and labor warranty for all other Bretford products. continue reading

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