School desks have been around since the founding of public education.  Materials and designs have changed over the years and many school desks have become more mobile to accommodate collaborative curriculum’s.  But now the U.S finds itself with an alarming number or overweight or obese school children that are having trouble fitting into existing school desks.

It’s logic. When you biggie size your fries, the ripple effect is that we biggie size everything that is manufactured to fit our bodies.  School furniture is not the only industry ramping up their mold sizes; clothes, car seats and play equipment are all getting up-sized.  While we are taking note of this unhealthy trend and putting exercise and nutrition programs to work, we still must accommodate our overweight students in the interim.

Extra-Large School Desk

Oversized desks are not completely new to the market.  They have been primarily used in colleges for larger athletes or in adult education classrooms where full-sized men may need a place to study.  Now we are seeing that these larger school desks are being sprinkled in with elementary and middle school classroom furniture orders.

At Worthington Direct, we have noticed that customers often ask for an oversized school desk that are made to look exactly like a standard school desk so that their larger students do not feel singled out.   Many school furniture manufacturers have taken note of these and have added desks with more belly room and bigger seat pans that match their existing school desk line so that at glance a classroom will look completely seamless.   We’re here to help while we are in this, hopefully, transitional phase as we regain our slimmer and healthier children back.