Hydroponics Grow Center – New Product Spotlight

We recently posted the new Hydroponic Grow Center on our 21st Century Classroom Pinterest board, and it has gotten a lot of attention by teachers looking for classroom gardening ideas and DIY plant enthusiasts. Get started in your classroom now and by next Saint Patrick’s Day you could be growing your own shamrocks! 

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March is National Music in Our Schools Month

According to National Education Partnership, music helps students in a variety of ways, including cultivating better thinking skills and strengthening perseverance and creativity. Every March, educational institutions across the country celebrate Music in Our Schools Month (MISOM), a special event that’s strongly supported by the National Association for Music Education. They normally help the festivities along by providing participating educators with a variety of complimentary audio files and promotional materials. However, institutions that choose to join in on the fun will need age-appropriate school furniture on hand as well. That said, here’s a look at several items that will surely help enhance your music room and make any MIOSM 2015 event memorable.

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Adjustable Science Tables – New Product Spotlight

What comes up, must go down. Gravity.

You may have learned that back in middle school science class, and perhaps now you’ve found yourself teaching gravity to your own classroom full of science students.

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Analogy Rocker Chair – New Product Spotlight

Rocking chair are not just for old folks. Many schools are integrating them into classrooms for use by elementary, up through high school aged students. Have you tried it? Is it the right move for your classroom?

The idea is to dispel excess energy allowing students greater focus on their class work. It might take some time for teachers to get used to their students gently bobbing back and forth, but many say it’s helped with concentration and behavioral issues.

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