New 2016 Worthington Direct Furniture Catalog Available


Happy New Year, furniture fans! We’ve spent the past year collecting educational trends, researching new furniture products and spending quality time with all of our valued furniture manufacturers. The results are all complied into new our 2016 printed furniture catalog, full of our favorite and most popular educational products.

If you’re already on our mailing list, your new copy should be in your mailbox. If you are a newcomer or just starting a position that places you in charge of school furniture purchases, please request a free catalog today!

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Picking the Right Multimedia Table for You

Today’s fast paced businesses depend on instant, and sometimes constant, communication with every one involved in a project. Multimedia tables were designed for school media projects and group planning to offer the collaborative space of a traditional conference table, but with the conveniences of modern technology. These tables are often used as video conferencing tables in modern offices. Video conferencing gives businesses and schools the ability to communicate and collaborate with long distance team members and peers. The technology involved with this type of communication calls for plenty of outlets and cables in arms reach of your workspace. These coworking tables feature the ability to have electrical and USB power built-in, and a mount for a TV monitor. Multimedia tables come equipped with everything necessary to accommodate your technology needs and provide all the infrastructure for educational material presentations, office video conferencing, and collaborative project work. All in all, they are a must for businesses and schools.

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Making the Most of Your Workcenter

Teamwork in businesses requires easy communication, which teams sometimes struggle to achieve. People can wind up with disparate ideas of what a project requires and not realize they are on different tracks until they are yelling at each other across the room, which leads to people having to re-do work. The solution to the communication issue can be a type of office suite called workcenters. These are desks that are connected together with a low partition between the work spaces. An excellent example would be NDI’s PL Borders Series 4 Person Workcenter. Its transparent partition and crosshatch pattern let people show each other their work and thus cut down on confusion.

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Are Your Students Getting Tablets Next Year?

No one can deny that technology has made huge changes in education. It has made knowledge more accessible and interactive, and it has made many aspects of teaching easier. Schools are frequently fully embracing this by buying laptops and tablets for their schools. This can be a wonderful boom, but they don’t provide the most use to students without tablet & laptop storage carts. Here you will find out how to get the most out of these great carts.

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