Cloud 9 Desks – New Product Spotlight

Collaborative desk makers are definitely having fun designing new shapes to better allow 21st century students to work in pods and then again, individually. Balt’s latest design concept, Cloud 9, rounds out this week’s new product spotlight.

Cloud 9 Collaborative 21st Century Classroom by Balt

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Refurbish Over Spring Break with Furniture Packages

Spring break may sound like an odd time to redecorate your classroom, but it is actually a great time. The prices are lower because of the discounts on last fall’s furniture and students can give their feedback after they come back to class. In a sense, you get a test run on your decorating decisions before next year. The question is how to decorate and what to consider when doing so. Here are some tips.

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Bye-Bye Bus Stroller – New Product Spotlight

Say hello to the Bye-Bye Bus stroller from Angeles!

Bye-Bye-Bus Stroller from Angeles

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Hydroponics Grow Center – New Product Spotlight

We recently posted the new Hydroponic Grow Center on our 21st Century Classroom Pinterest board, and it has gotten a lot of attention by teachers looking for classroom gardening ideas and DIY plant enthusiasts. Get started in your classroom now and by next Saint Patrick’s Day you could be growing your own shamrocks! 

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