3 Tips to Encourage Better Fitness in Your Office

Countless studies have shown that the sedentary lifestyle that can go along with working in an office can be devastating for fitness and health. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can improve fitness in your office. Try these tips, and you are sure to notice a difference in how everyone in the office feels.

1. Invest in Stand-Up Desks

One great way to encourage good health is to invest in stand-up desks for yourself and your employees to use. Even if you aren’t moving, it can be far better for your health to stand up and work rather than staying seated for eight hours or longer each day.

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Preschool Furniture – 5 Fun Uses for Sensory Tables

When purchasing preschool furniture a sensory table should definitely be on your list. Sensory tables provide hours of educational entertainment for little ones. Depending on what you put in them they may get messy at times, but the learning gained from the sensory play the table offers will be well worth the mess.

Everyone has played in a sand table or water table at some point. While these are both fun and worthwhile sensory table fillers, there are dozens of other fun, creative options out there that kids love. We have included a few ideas below.

  • Rice – White rice, brown rice, or colored rice all make for amazing sensory bin fillers. For Valentines Day, check out a Rose Scented Rice recipe on Pinterest.  The feeling of running your fingers through rice is one not many kids can resist, and rice is small enough to be used in funnels and water wheels.

Image found on Pinterest

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3 Tips to Keep Your Students’ Desks Clean

Keeping your own desk clean can be a major task, so it can definitely be a pain to try to keep your students’ desks clean. Luckily, following a few tips can help make it easier for everyone.

1. Provide Convenient Storage

Students shouldn’t be keeping everything in their desks. Invest in storage cabinets or cubbies to hold some school supplies such as scissors, crayons, pencils, paper, glue, markers, dry erase boards, manipulatives ect. Bookcases can provide students with a handy place to keep their books, which you can label so that you can keep track of which book belongs to which student. This can help students feel less overwhelmed by the clutter in their desks.

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Your Conference Room Purpose Determines Conference Room Furniture

Many people overlook the importance of conference room layouts. The layout of your conference room can affect positive participation, listening habits and even learning potential. Here are 3 examples of how conference room furniture and layout can enhance your performance.

  • Boardroom: Executive meetings and committee meetings should have a boardroom setup. The conference table should be in the center of the room with chairs circled around. This engages the attendees to speak with one another comfortably. Square and rectangular tables tend to work well in these situations. NDI’s Boat Shape Conference Table is an excellent boardroom table for any office space. Choose from two base styles and several top sizes.


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