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Art Room Organization Brings Inspiration

The beauty of any art space, whether at school or the office, is how it inspires the artist. You may work in a large studio or a small corner of a room, but if the space is a jumble of art supplies or mismatched tools, when inspiration strikes you may spend more time searching than creating. Make the ideal art space for inspiration and action by following these simple tips.

Simple Tips to Help with Art Room Organization

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Promote a Healthy Work Environment With an Office Bike Rack

Encouraging your employees to substitute driving to work with biking to work has numerous benefits for everybody involved. As an employer, your goal is to supply your team with a rewarding environment that promotes the best possible work conditions. Outdoor Bike Rack

Adding bike racks to the outside of your office building and outlining the advantages of commuting to work by bike provides your staff with the information needed to make an educated decision on how they can best help themselves and the company they work for. Make the transition easy by providing your staff with safely located outdoor bike racks allowing secure storage without interrupting the workplace.

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5 Best Pinterest Boards to Follow for Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest band wagon yet, please consider this a formal introduction. Pinterest is a website and a mobile app that lets users capture ideas and bookmark websites using a photo-based interface. Your collection of “pins” are categorized into “boards” much like the real-life bulletin boards where we might pin photos, recipes and quotes we like.

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