What To Consider When Updating Your Culinary Arts Program

Are the sinks and work tables at your culinary arts program looking dilapidated?  Are you in denial that your equipment stand was always a little wobbly?  Perhaps your trusty pan rack has experienced so many bumps that it’s now bent out of shape?  Regardless of the situation, refreshing your culinary program’s infrastructure  is critical for student success.  Our selection of modern stainless steel Compartment Sinks, heavy duty Bun Pan Racks, and Food Prep Tables ensure you can update your teaching equipment based on your budget.  What should you be looking for?

NSF Certification

Your first act when picking a replacement part is to make sure the National Science Foundation has put its seal of approval on it.  One excellent product endorsed by the NSF is the Stainless Steel Prep Sink by Shain.  When you are working with food, you’ll want equipment that can meet the safety and durability standards of an independent and well-respected quality control organization such as the NSF.

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Improve Office Productivity with Glass Dry Erase Boards

Are you experiencing a dramatic reduction in productivity while also being surrounded by substantial office clutter?  Create an atmosphere of organization and collaboration with Glass Dry Erase Boards!  Brainstormed ideas, notes, schedules, and meetings can be quickly documented and easily viewed on a glass dry erase board.  These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes and work with dry/wet & chalk erase markers, which can be wiped clean.


Glass dry erase boards can be hung in virtually any office setting for optimal information visibility to all employees.  Memos, meeting minutes, important calendar dates, and last-minute company event changes can easily get lost in email communication but a glass dry erase board visually attracts curiosity so you can keep everyone informed.

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Three Reasons to Update your Conference Room Chairs

When planning the perfect meeting, the style of chairs is often the last thing on your mind.  While there are no shortage of details and action items to plan, recent studies have shown that choosing seating that makes a statement can impact meeting productivity. Instead of the hard-backed chairs used in traditional offices, an emerging trend by companies to distinguish themselves is to utilize more contemporary designs such as the Sunkar Side Chair. With that in mind, here are three ways that your seating choices can affect the quality of your meeting:

Shankar Side Chair1.) Uncomfortable furniture may leave a bad taste in clients’ mouths. Most likely you have been stuck in an uncomfortable office chair enduring a long meeting that had no end in sight.  Feeling uncomfortable is often a takeaway when reflecting on past meetings and less about productivity, new concepts, and the cultivating of of fresh, new ideas. Instead, create a memorable experience by introducing clients to a meeting environment they’ve never seen before.  Worthington Direct’s comprehensive selection of Conference Chairs helps to create a unique and lasting impression for your clients.

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Make Your Daycare Furniture Work for You

Caring for your community’s children is a critical job since parents are depending on you to not only care for them but also academically groom them to become the best achievers possible.  Executing that is no small feat which means you’ll need storage space that is functional and organized to run like clockwork.  Is your current daycare furniture still  working for you?  Fortunately, we have several furniture and interactive solutions that can help you decide what works best for your daycare learning environment.

Multi-Functioning Storage

A solid daycare storage solution takes care of students’ personal belongings as well as classroom supplies and equipment.  Tot-Mate Preschool Wall Systems are attractive all-in-one classroom storage solutions that include toddler lockers, open wall storage, and divided wall storage with doors. Many also include a handy dry erase whiteboard for notes and classroom updates, as well as space for the teacher’s personal belongings. We have many other practical wall mounted cabinets, big book storage, toy and manipulative storage options available as well.

Tot-Mate ELEV11 Vos Preschool Wall System Set

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