N2 Series Furniture Line- New Product Spotlight

I would be willing to bet pretty good money that almost everyone in the United States, and even beyond, have had a seat in a Virco school chair or combo desk at least once in their lifetime. Virco’s classic 9000 Series school chair with the trademark three open slits in the back, are literally EVERYWHERE.

Well, Virco has launched a new line in hopes to take over the world, again.

Their new N2 Series of classroom furniture has big shoes to fill, but here are some reasons why this won’t be a problem.

N2 Series School Chairs from Virco

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Collaborative Desks Encourage 21st Century Learning

Schools around the country are embracing collaborative learning in the classroom. Schools located in Naperville, Illinois, and Ann Arbor, Michigan are embracing 21st century education by creating a learning environment that encourages collaboration.

Hundreds of elementary schools across the country are moving away from the lecture-style desk layout of ordered rows to grouped seating. Collaborative desks are used to form pods, which allow groups of up to eight students the ability to gather together and work as a team.

Collaborative Desks

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Koi Collaborative Desks – New Product Spotlight

In regards to Feng Shui, the water element is said to enhance the ability to go with the flow.  The Koi fish on the other hand are known for their strength and ability to swim upstream, through waterfalls and other obstacles reach their destination. The new Koi collaborative desk from Paragon is just that, durable classroom furniture that can power through various streams of curriculum throughout the workday.

Koi Collaborative Student Desk by Paragon

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Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for February: Celebrate National Haiku Month

Valentine’s Day, Groundhogs and President’s Day have all been over used. Black History Month has been covered extensively too. So you wonder, “What’s an educator supposed to do in order to inject a bit of novelty into February’s list of themes?” Our answer is, “Why not create a lesson plan around National Haiku Month?” It typically takes place in February and we have some fun bulletin board ideas that may help:

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