Classroom Dry Erase Boards Engage Students and Promote Learning

At one time, it intimidated students when a teacher sent a child to the board to show his work.  Today, this type of active involvement is commonplace and encouraged in schools. Teachers can use a variety of classroom dry erase boards to get students not just listening, but writing to reinforce learning.Classroom Dry Erase Board

Every teacher needs a large whiteboard in the classroom that is big enough for the entire class to see.  Whether posting assignments or teaching a lesson, this board is usually the focal point of the room.  Helpful features in a large white board include a magnetized surface, a tack strip at the top, and a low glare.

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Clean Your Whiteboard

Whiteboards are still a relatively new product, although they are the standard writing surface found in school classrooms today.  Even if you use a dry erase whiteboard, you may still be behind the curve on whiteboard maintenance and cleaning.  Best-Rite has created a helpful site to provide information to you about the proper care you should take to keep your classroom whiteboard in pristine condition.

Green Erase Whiteboard Cleaner

Even the top level whiteboard, porcelain steel, needs some occasional TLC to continue preforming to the high demands of your busy classroom. Erasable markers, such as Rite-On markers, contain an ink that dries instantly and should be easily erased.  After a period of use, a film or haze could develop on the surface of the board, which is the result of the ink residue that might not be completely removed when the board is erased. Even though the film exists, the marker colors remain vivid.

By using Green EraseTM or a spray-on type of glass cleaner, the board may be given a thorough cleaning. Simply spray the whiteboard surface and briskly rub with a clean microfiber cloth. Rinse with clear water.  Avoid using caustic or abrasive type cleaners. Watch this video to learn more about Green Erase whiteboard spray.

To make sure that your board lasts you for years, you can follow a few simple rules for use:

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Any Whiteboard or Wall Becomes Interactive with New Projectors

Two projector manufacturers have just released new products that are sure to change the interactive whiteboard (IWB) market. News of these classroom projectors that can turn virtually any surface into an IWB without the need for specific projection screens or specialty dry erase boards.
The development means schools no longer have to buy separate hardware to enjoy the benefits of IWBs, whose interactive surface and ability to engage students have made them quite popular in classrooms.
“We would certainly consider this projector a game-changer,” said Claudine Wolas, project manager for Epson Electronics’ BrightLink 450Wi. “It’s not just the newest and latest in projectors, but in whiteboards as well.”

The BrightLink projector, introduced Jan. 13, can be mounted to any type of classroom wall (of course, the smoother the better—and old-fashioned, non-electronic whiteboards work the best). Because it’s an ultra short-throw projector, it can project a whiteboard surface image from a very short distance, meaning that as a teacher or student interacts with the surface, no shadowing exists.

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Dry Erase Board- DIY or Purchase Now

While there are many dry erase boards or whiteboards available to purchase, perhaps you would like to try your hand at building your own? Most commercial dry erase boards that are found in school classrooms or offices are made of white porcelain steel or white melamine and are ideal for those everyday settings. They are built to mount directly to the wall and usually come framed and with trays for marker storage.

But have you every seen an CSI or Numb3rs TV episode where they have a cool transparent dry erase board? Cool as they may be, they are expensive. Here is a clever DIY guide to building your own clear glass whiteboard.

Of course after it is all said and done, you could just go online to your favorite school furniture website and just buy one. Click and click; simple as that.