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Performance Time! Band Room Instrument Storage- Marco Brand

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Performance Time! Band Room Instrument Storage- Marco Brand

From fundraisers to practice and performance scheduling, school music and theater programs are under a lot of pressure year round. However, as the holiday season comes into full swing, the pressure on musicians increases as they try to perfect the beloved Christmas music that will be played at concerts throughout the season. Although this busy season will most likely reveal some unforeseen obstacles, many can be averted by having the right type of instrument storage.

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Teacher Organization Makes Teaching a Breeze

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The average day for a teacher is far from ordinary and can get pretty hectic. Although there is no recipe to eliminate the chaos completely, there are ways to alleviate it. Everything runs better with a little organization. When teachers are organized, and help their students be organized, the day will always go much smoother. Teacher organization systems that are flexible and require little floor space are a good way to make that happen.

Teacher Organization

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Workshop and Tool Storage for Staying Organized

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Still storing screwdrivers in an old metal coffee can? Tool storage cabinetWhat about the wrenches.  Are they crammed in a shoe box or drawer?  You took time and money to purchase all those amazing tools. Now you’re sharing your expertise with students. You take woodworking seriously. Isn’t it time to take your workshop seriously, too?

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Raymond Products now Available from Worthington Direct

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Raymond Products has been one of the largest and most well-known storage products manufacturers in the country. Worthington Direct offers great deals on Raymond Products; from stack chair dollies and folding chair caddies to desk movers. Get everything your school or business needs from a brand you can trust.

Raymond Products

Move up to 16 standard chairs at a time, eliminating costly and tedious hand carrying. The sensible solution to quick and easy setup time for seating at banquets, lectures, conventions and meetings. Tough and durable, the Stacked Chair Dolly accommodates most types of stack chairs. Heavy-duty steel frame with bonded vinyl handle. A real time-saver.

Stack Chair Caddy

Move up to 10 folding chairs at a time, eliminating costly and tedious hand carrying. The sensible solution when setting up and taking down chairs at banquets, meetings, conventions and lectures. Raymond Products’ strong and durable construction allows this heavy duty dolly to last for years. Engineered to carry up to 180 pounds of chairs at one time. Heavy gauge steel hangers are red vinyl coated and act as a non-slip surface when hauling chairs.

Folding Chair Dolly

Don’t let the small size fool you. The strong and durable construction allows this MINI platform truck to handle big loads with ease. Steel rib reinforced for maximum performance on heavy loads. Item 3941 comes with removable push handle and brakes. Item 3942 comes with removable push handle, retaining handle and brakes.

Platform Truck by Raymond

Visit today for all of these items and more from Raymond Products.  Ordering is easy and school or government purchase orders are accepted.

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