School Lockers

How School Lockers are Made

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Who loves to watch those TV shows that show how factory items are made?  We do too!  Someone in our office recently shared this video they saw on the Discover Channels’s show called Factory Made.

It showcases how school locker manufacturer Lyon Workspace Products makes their very durable steel school lockers.

Gather the class around and check it out!

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School Lockers: A How To

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Found on eHow, there is an entire series of videos giving detailed advice on all things school locker related. School lockers are somewhat of a safe haven for students gear and books. Here are some of the video topics to help improve locker organization with help from a high school honor roll student:

How to Open a School Locker
How to Organize Your School Locker
How to Personalize Your School Locker
Why Do Schools Need Lockers?
How to Clean School Lockers

and a very fun-
How to Decorate a Locker for a Birthday

How to Decorate a Locker for a Birthday — powered by

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