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Caprock Furniture: The New Economical School Furniture Brand

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Caprock Furniture is the newest product line available here at Worthington Direct that we’re proud to feature as a provider of affordable school furniture.

Caprock Furniture for schools

Despite being furniture for schools on a budget, you’ll find Caprock products don’t lack in quality. Take a look at the excellent furniture we offer from them and how durable they are for longstanding use in any educational facility.

Activity Tables

A school using Caprock school tables can expect years of durability thanks to their 1-1/8″ thick thermofused melamine laminated tops and tubular steel legs. Because these are activity tables, they can be used for not only general activity but also as a computer work station. They’re all adjustable and can essentially be used in any room for different purposes.

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GREENGUARD Certification Program Acquired by UL Environment

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GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, along with it’s product emissions testing group Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS), has been acquired by UL (Underwiters Laboratories) Environment.

New GREENGUARD Gold and UL Certification Logo

Look for the new UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification Logo

AQS and GREENGUARD are industry leaders for product emissions testing and third-party indoor air quality certification. School designers, architects and educational procurement persons have long trusted the GREENGUARD Certification programs to help ensure their schools have high indoor air quality and to help earn LEEDS points.

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Use of Bariatric and Oversized Chairs in Schools is Apt to Continue

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According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s figures, the number of obese Americans continues to rise. Included within those statistics are ¼ of all American children between the ages of 2 and 5. Extra Large Virco School ChairsThe numbers are not much better for school-age children and adults either. As a result, schools have started purchasing bariatric and oversized chairs to accommodate students, staff and visitors. Given the figures, it’s a trend that is likely to continue. With that said, here’s a quick look at some of the options available:

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Where’s Your School Spirit? Look to the Trophy Display Case!

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Whether your school building is brand new or has old school charm, trophy display cases are a great way to instill school spirit and pride.

School trophy display case

You may have room for only a single case or have a long hallway of honor you could fill. But celebrating the sporting and academic accomplishments of your student body with special lighted cases is a great way to develop student and alumni loyalty to support and grow your programs.
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