School Chairs

Colleges and Universities Seeing the Benefits of Active Seating

Higher education institutions often pave the way for the rest of educational trends, and one of the latest investments colleges and universities are making is providing active seating options for students.

Noodle Stack Chair by Smith System

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Active Seating Help Your Students Focus

Nothing is more frustrating for teachers and students alike than a classmate who can’t sit still. Sometimes it is not the kid’s fault. Kids with learning disabilities find sitting still extremely difficult. How can teachers encourage good behavior and help their students focus?

The answer rests in the very chairs they sit in.

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The Right School Furniture for National Inventor’s Month

May is National Inventor’s Month, which is a perfect time to stress collaborative learning, science, innovation, technology and creative thinking. Educators can also use the opportunity to spotlight historical figures, events and math concepts connected to the world’s best inventions. Of course getting through a month’s worth of special activities will require the right school furniture and supplies to be readily available. So, why not get together with educators and parents to ensure that your institution is fully equipped to join in on the auspicious, annual occasion? Here are a few school furnishings that you might want to mention:

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Refurbish Over Spring Break with Furniture Packages

Spring break may sound like an odd time to redecorate your classroom, but it is actually a great time. The prices are lower because of the discounts on last fall’s furniture and students can give their feedback after they come back to class. In a sense, you get a test run on your decorating decisions before next year. The question is how to decorate and what to consider when doing so. Here are some tips.

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