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Proper School Chairs – Tips for the Classroom

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Being a teacher can be hectic. You are constantly dealing with a large group of children that can switch moods in an instant while having to worry about getting your lesson plan together and having to grade a seemingly endless amount of papers. The last thing you want to do is worry about what types of chairs your students will be sitting in. This is why taking a peek at our large supply of school chairs can help you get the right ones for your room, so you can keep you attention focused on everything else.

Virco 9000 Series School Chair

Virco 9000 Series- The Most Popular Chair on the Market

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Take a Seat: Two Questions for Selecting the Right School Chair

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When furnishing a classroom, there is nothing more important to keep in mind than the needs of the student, both as individuals and in a group. As they will spend the vast majority of their time in the room sitting at a table or desk, having a chair that is comfortable, usable, and safe for each pupil is incredibly important. However, classroom chairs, like the students who will use them, are not one size fits all. At Worthington Direct, we believe that selecting the right school chair for your student can be simple and incredibly worthwhile if you keep in mind a few essential questions about the individuals in your class:

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Smith System Graduated Movement School Chairs

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So what is Graduated Movement in regards to school chairs anyway? “The concept is about movement,” says Smith System’s Bill Risdall.

Shapes and colors aren’t the only things that differentiate seating lines. This brief video clearly demonstrates how three lines of Smith System seating perform and function differently; Flavors, Plato and Intuit stack chairs. Understanding the Graduated Seating Concept can help you choose the seating line that best meets your needs.  From a full range of movement to a more structured seat bucket, Smith System has the perfect fit for your classroom.

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Classroom Thrones by Royal Seating

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With the Royal wedding bells still ringing in the distance (across the pond) we feel it’s a perfect time to introduce our latest fancy lad and lass classroom seating option; The King stack chair by Royal Seating.

The King Stack Chair by Royal Seating

The King Stack Chair

As the name suggests, this stack chair is fit for a king, but priced for the masses. It has a generous seat size and is ideal for all body types, from grades four to adult.  [bows]

Constructed of one-piece, contoured, polypropylene shell that is connected to cross braces of 16-gauge steel.  The King stack chair is available with a chrome finished frame, or a durable powder coat frame and your choice of several shell colors. It quite literally is a classroom throne that will last for reigns to come.

Like all royal subjects, this classroom chair comes from an excellent bloodline that have ruled the school furniture industry for over 40 years.  Royal Seating has been “at the foundation of education” and has a strong focus on core school furniture products such as school chairs, classroom desks, and activity tables.  Look for their popular 1101 series stack chairs that are currently on sale for a limited time.

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