Furniture Sets: Big Purchases Made Easy

If you need furniture for your school, church, or office, you’ve come to the right place!  Worthington Direct offers tables and chairs of different sizes, shapes, and uses. Buying in bulk is easy, quick, and more affordable than one or two at a time.

School Desk Sets

Our classroom desk and chair sets offer a variety of seating and desk solutions. First, choose between single or double Apex desks. The singles come in multiples of 8 or 20. The two-student desks come in multiples of 4 or 10. These options include chairs for the number of students that can fit. Then select the desk’s top, leg, and chair colors. We have many options available, so if this isn’t what you’re looking for, check out our school desk section.

Collaborative Classroom Desk Set

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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing School Chairs

It is time to purchase new school chairs for your classroom, but the amount of choices available can be overwhelming. To help you decide which will work best for your particular needs, we have provided five essential criteria for you to consider.

Chair Height and Age of Students

Will these chairs be used primarily for Kindergarten classrooms or might they also be used for older children? It is important to consider this question when choosing a chair so that you purchase chairs that the students fit in properly and avoid returns. Chairs are available in several seat heights to accommodate all student ages. A common stack chair may range in sizes of 10″H, 12″H, 14″H, 16″H and 18″H. These heights are measured from the floor to the seat surface. You can follow this rule to measure your existing chairs and order more of the same size, or use the guide below if ordering for the first time. If the chairs are to be used by various age groups, either purchase different sizes to accommodate each age or purchase the chair height made to accommodate the oldest in the group, as it is better for chairs to be too big than too small. 

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Selecting the Correct Height School Chair

Selecting the right height school chair for your classroom can be tricky. Many teachers find themselves asking, “what size school chairs do I need for my classroom?”. Classroom chairs and school furniture typically don’t come with a size printed on the side or bottom, so how do you know you are ordering the right size chair for your school classroom? Worthington Direct has put together several helpful aids to get you the correct school chair you need.

Most school chairs for 5th grade through high school use a standard 18″ chair. Some manufacturers, like Scholar Craft offer a 17.5″ or 17 1/2″ student chair instead of an 18″ chair, which is also considered a full size chair. 5th Grade students through High School, to Adult size student chairs are typically 18″ high – the de facto standard chair height. Worthington Direct recommends only 18 inch size for High School Chairs and Middle School chairs.For preschool through 4th grade it is best you measure your existing school chairs or reference our chair size table to choose the best height classroom chairs for your school. This helpful Wikipedia article goes in to great depth about school chair dimensions and ergonomics relating to chair size.

An important rule of thumb is that you can always fit a student in to a larger chair, but you should never seat a child in a chair too small for them. Students in too-small school chairs create antsy, fidgeting, uncomfortable students who are more likely to act out and be disruptive. A larger chair will be more comfortable and fit the student best as they continue to grow. The breakdown of school chairs is generally 12″ chairs for preschool and smaller kindergartners, 14″ chairs for larger kindergartners and most 1st graders and smaller 2nd graders, 16″ classroom chairs for larger 2nd graders, most 3rd graders and fourth grade students. 18″ Chairs fit the tallest 5th graders and are an excellent choice for middle schools, high schools and colleges. 12, 14, 16 and 18″ chairs are made by popular manufacturers such as Virco, Scholar Craft Royal and more.

To measure a school chair these steps should be taken. Place your existing school chair on a flat surface. Find the tallest point on the seat (not the backrest) of your student’s chair. Measure from the floor to the highest point. This should give you the correct height for the chair you need to order.

Some manufacturers build chairs smaller than 12″ high. It is tempting to order these 7, 8, 9 and 10″ chairs for your students, especially when the prices are lower cost than a 14″ or 16″ chair, but it is important to note that children ages 3 and up cannot sit in such small chairs for very long. School chairs as small as 7″-10″ are generally designed for 12 months to two years and will quickly outgrow them. Such small sizes are thus only recommended for early childhood centers that specialize in the age range of 12-24 months.

Telos Solid Plastic School Furniture by Virco

For decades, schools across America chose earlier generations of classroom furniture with hard plastic seats, backrests and work surfaces because of their remarkably colorfast, stain-resistant and chip-resistant qualities. Unfortunately, the durability benefits of hard plastic chairs were offset by widespread seating comfort issues and universally poor stacking.

Until now.

Telos Classroom Stack Chair             Telos Combo Desk

Conceived by award-winning designers Peter Glass and Bob Mills, Telos continues the Virco tradition of product durability while incorporating important ergonomic benefits to set a new standard of comfort and support for mid-priced hard plastic seating. All Telos models are certified according to the stringent GREENGUARD(r) for Children and Schools Program for indoor air quality.

The seats, backs and work surfaces in Telos products are made from Virco’s proprietary Fortified Recycled Wood(tm) hard plastic. Furniture made with Fortified Recycled Wood is highly sustainable due to its long service life. And when ultimately withdrawn from service, Fortified Recycled Wood components are fully recyclable through Virco’s pioneering Take-Back Program that helps schools recycle out-of-service furniture. Even more significantly, Virco can process Take-Back items and other post-consumer materials in its own factory for the Fortified Recycled Wood used in Telos products. By extending the useful life of out-of-service furniture materials that would otherwise go to a landfill, Fortified Recycled Wood and Take-Back make a unique contribution to "closing the recycling loop" in the classroom furniture industry.

Telos is the first hard plastic furniture collection to include 4-leg chairs that form a 10-high truly vertical stack. Moreover, model N318 4-leg chairs can be stacked 10-high and moved on Virco’s model HCT789 and HCT4 chair trucks. The Telos product line includes: 4-leg chairs with four seat heights; a selection of 4-leg combo units with two work surface sizes, an optional bookrack and an optional backpack hanger; two adjustable task chairs, one of which has a reduced shell size and a shorter adjustment range for smaller users; and an adjustable lab stool.

All of the quality products manufacturer by Virco can be purchased through their authorized dealer, Worthington Direct at

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