Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for March: Spotlight on National Peanut Month

St. Patrick’s Day and spring typically come to mind when trying to come up with fun bulletin board ideas for March. However, there is another route that educators can take thanks to National Peanut Month. It’s a great opportunity to talk about a variety of topics from food allergies, peanut farming, plant biology, famous inventors and presidents to animals that eat peanuts for dinner. With that said, here are a few nutty ideas for the classroom:

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Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for February: Celebrate National Haiku Month

Valentine’s Day, Groundhogs and President’s Day have all been over used. Black History Month has been covered extensively too. So you wonder, “What’s an educator supposed to do in order to inject a bit of novelty into February’s list of themes?” Our answer is, “Why not create a lesson plan around National Haiku Month?” It typically takes place in February and we have some fun bulletin board ideas that may help:

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Ideas for Decorating Your Enclosed Bulletin and Directory Boards

Enclosed bulletin boards and directory boards can be used as decorative vignettes to set a tone, theme or social event at any school or office environment. They can convey a sense of fun and excitement to students or office employees, reminding them of the year’s theme or current objective, while simply grabbing people’s attention. Paper leaves and craft paper trunks can create a stimulating creative environment, changing a boring classroom into an inspiring learning arena. Visual stimulation can add a sense of work morale, boosting any office’s productivity. Plus, the locking glass doors keep your inspirational displays safe and secure. How would you decorate your enclosed bulletin or directory board? The options are endless. Here are three ideas that take advantage of the two boards’ unique properties to help you start brainstorming.

Enclosed Bulletin & Directory Board

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Signs and Message Boards that Your Visitors Will Read

Ever wander down a long hallway at a school, church or conference center, searching for the room you were supposed to be in 5 minutes ago? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a directory or an informational sign to speed you along to your destination? Many educational centers and places of worship have hallways that span in many directions and for guests or new comers, this can be confusing.

Greet your guest with a welcoming sign or a easy to read message board that will give them instant orientation and confirmation that they are in the correct place. There are several options when it comes to getting your message read. If you have frequent special events, you may need a portable sign that can be moved for location to location. Wall mounted message centers have a professional look and offer a reliable point of contact for visitors.

Wall mounted message centers are usually lockable and are enclosed in clear acrylic to protect messages from being tampered with. They usually have either aluminum frame or oak frame trim to compliment any decor. Customize your enclosed bulletin boards by opting for a header that promotes a particular school club or company name. Mounting them to the wall is a simple process and models are even available for covered outdoor use.

Keep safety in mind and post portable caution signs when there’s construction or provide safe crowd control with clearly marked directions. Avoid conflict between your guests that are waiting in a concessional line by providing an arrowed-shaped sign that clearly states where the line forms. Many portable signs have weighted bases for stability and can be used as a temporary outdoor sign for directing foot traffic or alerting visitors to use an alternate entry.

Not all handwriting is neat, so many portable signs or enclosed message centers have letter boards for the use of changeable letters so that the message is uniform and legible. Cork bulletin panels can also be found on many hallway signs that allow printed flyers and documents to be pinned up with ease. This is especially helpful for guests attending a special event that may have a flyer in hand, as they will instantly recognize that they have arrived at the correct doorway or entry.

Signs don’t always block up the scenery, sometimes they allow people to better enjoy their time when they know exactly where they are heading. Look around your school, church or community center and see if there is a way to better assist your visitors and put the writing on the wall.