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How to get the most out of your Screenflex partitions

Do you know all the potential opportunities Screenflex partitions can help your school, church or office? Here are six ideas to get you started.

  • Art Shows: With a few Screenflex partitions, you can have a gallery of free-standing walls to hang art work from and show off your student’s hard work and creative talent in a fresh and modern way.

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Fun-Filled Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas for Early Learners

Are you looking for a fun-filled back to school bulletin board idea? We have two for early learning classrooms.

It is best practice to use bulletin boards to teach or emphasize learning in the classroom. Bulletin boards are an element of intentional learning design, not decoration.

According to author/educator Michael Gravois, quoted in Education World: ” …a bulletin board can be both educational and decorative.”

Here are two ideas, to help start your school year.

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Activity Tables for Preschool Use

When thinking of purchasing activity tables for preschool classrooms, first consider the use. Sturdy construction, combined with durable materials such as those found in Worthington Direct’s selection, is of particular importance in classrooms where furniture may see a lot of unconventional use. In early childhood classrooms following best practices, large groups of children rarely sit around a single table.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Students’ Desks Clean

Keeping your own desk clean can be a major task, so it can definitely be a pain to try to keep your students’ desks clean. Luckily, following a few tips can help make it easier for everyone.

1. Provide Convenient Storage

Students shouldn’t be keeping everything in their desks. Invest in storage cabinets or cubbies to hold some school supplies such as scissors, crayons, pencils, paper, glue, markers, dry erase boards, manipulatives ect. Bookcases can provide students with a handy place to keep their books, which you can label so that you can keep track of which book belongs to which student. This can help students feel less overwhelmed by the clutter in their desks.

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