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5 Step Checklist to Selecting the Perfect Conference Table

“Boy, I sure do love it when conference room furniture is as uncomfortable as possible,” said no one ever. Glass office conference tableThe last thing your team needs to think about when hashing out an important strategy or brainstorming a new marketing plan is finding a comfortable position. Whether hosting a weekly sales meeting or a longer conference, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for function or style. Before you select a conference table take these five factors into consideration.

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Conference Tables, a Window into Corporate Culture

Have you been asked to purchase furniture for your company’s conference room? If so, you should start by asking yourself one big question. What message do I want the space to convey to others? Conference Table

The seating arrangement at a table is one way to establish corporate culture and how business is run during meetings. Then determine how big the space is and how much seating is needed. Once you can answer those questions, consider the following options:

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Mixing Comfortable Furniture Into Professional Conference Room

For many employees, attending a board meeting or conference can be one of the most stressful points of their work week.  There is a high pressure atmosphere where they need to deliver on their promises or face reprimand in front of their peers.  Because of this, a conference room can have a very uncomfortable feel to it.  You can change this and make the board room have a much more comfortable feel by getting better conference room furniture.Conference Table and Chairs

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Lumina Folding Conference & Training Room Tables

The look and function of most office conference rooms have evolved from an intimidating boardroom table placed stationary in the middle of a room, into a room of free-flowing furniture that can work around the multimedia conferences of today.  Conference room furniture for your video conference room, teleconferencing room and think spaces require modular furniture pieces that can provide unobstructed viewing angles, and can easily integrate business technology.

Reconfigurable conference tables allow an office to create a intimate setting for small group secessions, while still leaving the option to expand when guests are present.  Balt, a brand division of Mooreco, is leading the way in modular conference room furniture with style and budget friendly pricing.  Look for several lines available through discount dealer Worthington Direct, such as the Flipper folding tables, Agility training tables, and the new iFlex modular desk systems.  

With flu season in the air, Balt has released a video showcasing their latest conference room furniture line that feature antimicrobial table tops; the Lumina furniture series.

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