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March is National Music in Our Schools Month

According to National Education Partnership, music helps students in a variety of ways, including cultivating better thinking skills and strengthening perseverance and creativity. Every March, educational institutions across the country celebrate Music in Our Schools Month (MISOM), a special event that’s strongly supported by the National Association for Music Education. They normally help the festivities along by providing participating educators with a variety of complimentary audio files and promotional materials. However, institutions that choose to join in on the fun will need age-appropriate school furniture on hand as well. That said, here’s a look at several items that will surely help enhance your music room and make any MIOSM 2015 event memorable.

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Carpets for Children – New Product Spotlight

Okay, this should be fun. Who doesn’t love a little kid-friendly art on the floors? They’re inviting, educational, and right now- warm. New designs have been introduced by classroom carpet makers Joy Carpets, Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, and Learning Carpets.

Let’s explore them by age!

New Classroom Carpet Designs for Kids

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Using Carpets to Organize Your Classroom

Carpets may not seem like the most obvious organization tool for your classroom, but there are a surprising number of ways that classroom carpets can help you and your students get organized, establish routines and stay focused on learning. Plus, rugs can really tie a room together, man. 

The Dude abides on an Alphabet Rug

The Dude abides on an Alphabet Rug

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Tips for Selecting Multicultural Classroom Carpets

When setting up a multicultural classroom, there are various elements to take into consideration.

Bilingual Classroom Carpet

One of them is the classroom’s décor. Ideally, it should contain furnishing and decorative items that are culturally relevant. This includes the carpeting.

When selecting multicultural classroom carpets, there are several factors to consider.

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