Café Furniture Sets for Growing Businesses

Now that your business is growing, you realize that it’s time to create a break room that’s big enough to accommodate everyone on staff, but how? We’d like to suggest that you consider purchasing café furniture sets. Since they are sold as packages, furnishing an entire room is quick, affordable and painless. Plus, there are a number of different café sets to choose from. Here’s a rundown on five of the best ones:

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Treat Employees to New Break Room Furniture

Everybody has had a job where the break room was avoided.  These rooms, filled with old, cast-off furniture, a refrigerator filled with items that may have been food but now look like a science experiment, give an overall unclean, unwelcome feeling.  Consider buying some new break room furniture to make the room more inviting.  Giving your lounge room a face-lift will not only make employees feel respected and honored, it may make them more productive.Break Room Cafe Table and Chairs

According to the National Safety Council, 83% of people choose to forego the breakroom and eat in their workspace.  However, a desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.  By making your break room a welcome environment, employees may be sick less, and will get more work done.

Break Room Tables

In your room, consider the space and choose tables that will fit well.  Cafe tables are an excellent choice because employees can gather in small groups and converse on their down time, and it gives the room a warm, welcoming touch.  If your room has to seat a lot of people in a limited space, or the tables need to be removed at times for an alternate purpose, consider folding tables.  While nothing fancy, most employees will appreciate a nice clean surface to eat their lunch.

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Mr. Bungle on Cafeteria Table Manners

Don’t be a Mr. Bungle when it comes to lunch room manners and eating at a cafeteria table.  While most boys today won’t  stop on their way to the lunch hall to comb their hair- if anything they would stop to tousle it a bit more.  Mr. Bungle does share some points of etiquette that are still respected in today’s modern school cafeteria.  Proper hand washing is a must this day in age.  So is a pump or two of hand sanitizer that can now found in tubs around almost every corner in schools and public facilities.

Watch this educational video from 1959 that spends a lunch break with the rude Mr. Bungle and then the students that learn to wait in line, quietly eat at the lunch table, clean their cafeteria table, and then sort their lunch trays when complete.  Now through March 31, 2011 Worthington Direct is not being a Mr. Bungle and are offering great deals on new cafeteria tables from Midwest Folding Products.  Enjoy, and please chew with your mouth closed!

Cafeteria Tables with Safety in Mind

Cafeteria Tables are a must have for school lunchrooms and cafeterias. Worthington Direct offers a range of cafeteria tables from mobile folding bench and stool tables, to convertible bench tables.  Tables made by either Midwest Folding Products, Virco or AmTab offer safety features such as spring-assisted torsion bars that make folding quick and safe.  Older tables may not have these features and when reading the case study below, it is recommended that purchasing new cafeteria tables may the best way to keep your faculty safe from injury.

Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table

Ergonomics Case Study Olympia School District Cafeteria Tables


Risk management from Educational School District 113 contacted the L&I Ergonomics Program for help at an Olympia elementary school. Custodians at the school were having difficulty folding the cafeteria tables to move them out of the way when cleaning floors. Several custodians had been injured while handling the tables in the recent past.

Issues Found

Custodians fold the 12 cafeteria tables at the school twice a day. In order to fold the tables, custodians had to bend over and lift at the center point of the table. They would then push the two halves of the table together until they locked in the upright position. Even the strongest custodian felt that the folding task was difficult to perform.

An L&I ergonomist helped measure the apparent weight of the tables during folding by having a custodian stand on an electronic scale while lifting. Custodians used more than 80 pounds of lifting force to fold the tables, which is well over recommended weight limits.


A number of solution options were proposed, and these included:

Purchasing newer tables with standard folding mechanisms. Newer tables at another school could be folded up with 50 pounds for force. This would still be a bit of challenge for smaller custodians, or those with pre-existing injuries.

• Purchasing tables with a spring-assist device that would greatly reduce the folding effort.

Spring-assist Cafeteria Table Lift

• Purchasing smaller tables that convert to benches, which are easier to fold up and move out of the way. Since each table is half the size of a standard cafeteria table, this would result in handling twice as many tables.

Safe Cafeteria Tables

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