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4 Tips On How To Make Creative Bulletin Boards

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With back to school fever in full swing now’s the time for teacher’s to craft a creative, well-organized bulletin board.  You want your bulletin board to stand out—it should be unique in thought as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Good bulletin boards can draw attention to current events or seasons and decorate a classroom in such a way that your students can feel proud of.  Let’s look at some tips on how to get great bulletin board ideas for your class.

1.  Browse Pinterest

Recycled art back to school bulletin board idea

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5 Best Pinterest Boards to Follow for Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

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If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest band wagon yet, please consider this a formal introduction. Pinterest is a website and a mobile app that lets users capture ideas and bookmark websites using a photo-based interface. Your collection of “pins” are categorized into “boards” much like the real-life bulletin boards where we might pin photos, recipes and quotes we like.

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Fun Bulletin Board Ideas: March Is National Women’s History Month

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One of the best things about a classroom bulletin board is how it allows every member of the class to participate.  Social interaction can be difficult for certain individuals such as the new student or the especially shy student. Even children with special needs can find interacting with others via the bulletin board to be easier and more fun.

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Fun February Bulletin Board Ideas: Valentine’s Day & More

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There is no doubt, teachers and children love their classroom bulletin boards. They are a great way to focus on a specific theme, and because the board commands the class’ attention, it will give you the opportunity to “remind” your students of their focus throughout the day.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

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February offers us many fun bulletin board ideas as we look forward to Spring, even with all the snow and ice on the ground. It reminds us of new beginnings and life returning to the earth after a long winter nap.

Valentine’s Day

This is the most important holiday in February, and you will see all the candy and cards on the shelves right after Christmas. Consider a board covered in a red background and scattered with doilies. Have the students cut hearts (and other shapes) by folding paper in half and cutting. Take the opportunity to discuss mathematics and the relation to folding and cutting shapes.   (continue reading…)

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