Art Space for Young Artists: Art Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Art room organization can become an overwhelming task. However, prioritizing space and creating accessibility to supplies will help the art room become organized and more functional for the little artists who can’t wait to get their hands messy.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when furnishing an art room is finding the appropriate storage to hold all the different sizes and types of materials used in art. The Tip-Me-Not Portfolio Storage unit by Wood Designs creates perfect storage for art rooms. The top half of the unit keeps art work organized in divided compartments, while the bottom half stores art supplies in shelves or tote trays. This dual purpose storage unit is mounted on wheels, making it easy for teachers to move around as needed. The mobility and versatility of this storage unit helps with space, allowing more room for tables and chairs.

Portfolio Storage

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Art Room Organization Brings Inspiration

The beauty of any art space, whether at school or the office, is how it inspires the artist. You may work in a large studio or a small corner of a room, but if the space is a jumble of art supplies or mismatched tools, when inspiration strikes you may spend more time searching than creating. Make the ideal art space for inspiration and action by following these simple tips.

Simple Tips to Help with Art Room Organization

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Great Art Room Furniture Ideas for Pre-K Programs

The new Pre-K program year is upon us. That’s why it is a great time to look around and determine whether or not your facility’s art room furniture is ready for another large group of active pre-k students. If it’s not, consider investing in the following:Rolling Art Room Cart for Art Supply Storage

Hanging Fence Easels

Depending on your pre-k facility’s exterior, you may want to think about investing in hanging fence easels by Manta-Ray. They would be ideal for outdoor/indoor art activities. As the name suggests, the easels are designed to be attached to a chain-link fence. However, they also come equipped with rubber bumpers that help to make them suitable for tabletop use as well.

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Art Room Organization: Considerations for all Those Wonderful Supplies

Art room organization in the school is going to need more consideration than you think when you stop and realize how many supplies you’ll be using. Art Supply Storage CartEspecially if you have a large class, everything from glue bottles, construction paper to the art projects your students create are going to require plenty of storage space after class is done.

Let’s also not forget about acquiring a few teacher organizational tools.

Shelving Space

The best plan for immediate storage of art supplies in a classroom is low shelving so kids can reach supplies when needed. However, those supplies should also be categorized and placed into bins or other types of storage containers. Make these the art supplies that are used the most and easy to gather at the end of each class. Clearly label each bin or container so kids will know exactly which items go where. Storage cubbies are ideal for easily organizing plastic bins and come in many configurations.

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