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Choosing the right activity table for you and your students can be a challenging experience. A wide variety of high quality manufacturers make activity tables, and if your heart is set on a certain style, you may still have a long list of tables to review. Worthington Direct offers activity tables ranging the entire spectrum of needs for elementary school tables, middle school classroom tables and high school student tables. Library tables and art room tables are not left out – many multipurpose school tables can function both in the classroom and in libraries, art rooms and other places throughout the school. Be sure to see Wikipedia’s entry for Tables and the government’s requirements for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act compliant) tables.

Classroom Activity School Tables

Table height Perhaps the most important aspect of your table is how tall it is. Almost all activity tables have adjustable height legs. Preschool height adjustable activity tables won’t be tall enough for your 4th graders, and an adult height table, even at it’s lowest setting, will come to your toddler’s chin when seated. Most preschool height tables are adjustable from 15 or 16″ to 23 or 24″

Top Thickness School Activity table tops come in a wide variety of thicknesses. From mobile folding tables featuring steel frames with 3/4″ thick table tops to stationary tables with thick, 1-3/4″ table tops that provide a presence of stability to the room. Longer activity tables¬†include under-table steel supports that prevent table sag, even under load on extremely long tables. Thin table tops tend to cost less, while thick tabletops add an air of elegance of permanence to your classroom or early childhood center.

Table Color Perhaps the most visible aspect of your student’s classroom activity tables is the color. Some teachers may choose to go with the classic medium oak school table tops. Other popular colors are Light Oak and Walnut (dark wood). Early childhood teachers or teachers with school spirit may order a color table that matches their school or room’s colors. Color tables can be ordered in almost any combination, but the most popular option is a Gray Nebula top with a colored band. Gray nebula does an excellent job of hiding any scratches or scuffs your school’s activity table may endure over the years, while keeping your classroom looking neat and clean.

Table Shopping is Now Much Simpler with Solid Table Advice from the President of Worthington Direct

(PRWEB) February 28, 2008 — Worthington Direct (, a supplier of school, church and early childhood furniture and equipment for over 10 years has new expert advice on making the right table purchase. If a worship facility or a school is looking for folding tables, classroom tables, banquet tables or a harder-to-find round folding tables, they may have questions about the many products available on the market. With 30 years in the school furniture industry, Worthington Direct President, Kevin Worthington, has addressed several common questions that arise when purchasing a table.

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Table Advice From Kevin Worthington

Need folding tables or banquet tables for your worship facility? How about a harder-to-find round folding table? In today’s market, you can choose from plywood core, laminate, or plastic tops in a variety of attractive colors and finishes for your folding tables or banquet tables. Visit today to see all of your table options.

Need help getting started? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by churches when evaluating and purchasing tables.

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