Carpets for Children – New Product Spotlight

Okay, this should be fun. Who doesn’t love a little kid-friendly art on the floors? They’re inviting, educational, and right now- warm. New designs have been introduced by classroom carpet makers Joy Carpets, Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, and Learning Carpets.

Let’s explore them by age!

New Classroom Carpet Designs for Kids

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Ways to Include STEAM Education Outside of School

Teaching children about the world is one of the greatest challenges with long-lasting rewards. Children of all ages must learn the necessary skills to best handle the physical, emotional, social, and educational knowledge they will need to grow into a healthy and stable adult.

Many schools are now implementing a learning strategy called STEAM education – this includes the core curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

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Multimedia Tables- New Product Spotlight

Your GoToMeeting with an abroad client is starting in five minutes and you’re still trying to find a suitable area for everyone in your office to gather and participate.

You have divided your classroom into groups to work on a media rich project and the student desks just aren’t cooperating with everyone’s laptop needs.

You want to present your latest architectural designs to a client and their contractor and it’s just awkward with everyone huddled around your desktop computer.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Interchange Multimedia Table by Smith System

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Housing Your STEM Manipulatives

You’re far into the school year and thought you finally had your classroom organized; but now the math manipulatives you ordered back in December are starting to arrive. You’re excited to begin teaching with them, but first, you need to find storage room for the learning materials and make them easily accessible to you, your students and other teachers. Worthington Direct has a variety of portable storage carts that are easy to share with other classrooms, easy to move within your own classroom and roomy enough to hold all your manipulatives.

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