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6 Ways to Create a Fun Learning Environment for Your Daycare or Preschool

Whether you’re just starting your own daycare or you’re redecorating your preschool, it’s important to make sure that the room’s décor is kid-friendly. You should consider everything from colors to furniture options. When you’re trying to create an atmosphere to encourage a fun learning environment for your students, make sure you keep the following ideas in mind.

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Fun February Bulletin Board Ideas: Valentine’s Day & More

There is no doubt, teachers and children love their classroom bulletin boards. They are a great way to focus on a specific theme, and because the board commands the class’ attention, it will give you the opportunity to “remind” your students of their focus throughout the day.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

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February offers us many fun bulletin board ideas as we look forward to Spring, even with all the snow and ice on the ground. It reminds us of new beginnings and life returning to the earth after a long winter nap.

Valentine’s Day

This is the most important holiday in February, and you will see all the candy and cards on the shelves right after Christmas. Consider a board covered in a red background and scattered with doilies. Have the students cut hearts (and other shapes) by folding paper in half and cutting. Take the opportunity to discuss mathematics and the relation to folding and cutting shapes.   (continue reading…)

Workshop and Tool Storage for Staying Organized

Still storing screwdrivers in an old metal coffee can? Tool storage cabinetWhat about the wrenches.  Are they crammed in a shoe box or drawer?  You took time and money to purchase all those amazing tools. Now you’re sharing your expertise with students. You take woodworking seriously. Isn’t it time to take your workshop seriously, too?

Worthington Direct offers a variety of workshop and tool storage to help create the ultimate workshop area.   (continue reading…)

4 Advantages of Glass Dry Erase Boards over Traditional Versions

With the ability to provide excellent depth of field, good contrast levels, and plenty of ambient light protection, glass dry erase boards are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a contemporary office setting and/or conference room prop. Glass Dry Erase BoardsGlass whiteboards provide a solid, smooth, and reusable writing surface similar to that of more traditional dry erase boards, but provide a few added benefits:

  • Burn-In - Similar to picture burn-in from the older projection televisions, where you may be unfortunate enough to see Matlock’s weathered face permanently engraved into your set for all of eternity, old school dry erase boards can retain images and drawings from notes past after too many uses. (continue reading…)

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