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5 Step Checklist to Selecting the Perfect Conference Table

“Boy, I sure do love it when conference room furniture is as uncomfortable as possible,” said no one ever. Glass office conference tableThe last thing your team needs to think about when hashing out an important strategy or brainstorming a new marketing plan is finding a comfortable position. Whether hosting a weekly sales meeting or a longer conference, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for function or style. Before you select a conference table take these five factors into consideration.

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The Right Office Desks Can Make All The Difference in Employee Morale

Often overlooked in the world of office productivity is the actual working environment itself.

Office Desk with hutch and desk return

There was a television commercial not too long ago that had a new employee being shown his workstation, which was a shared desk with two other employees crammed in elbow to elbow with zero personal space. The desk was clearly not big enough to reasonably accommodate this situation, and the employee just looked disgustedly at the Human Resources person giving the tour and said, “This isn’t up to my standards.” I forget what was actually said, but the point is, proper personal space and working environment are essential to a worker’s mood, morale, and productivity. Rightfully so in my opinion. Who can possibly be productive when they you have such intimate knowledge as to whether or not your co-workers deodorant is functioning properly? (continue reading…)

How Reception Seating Can Impact Your Company’s Image

Overlooking the impact your reception area has on clients is a mistake many businesses make. Bretford Motiv High Back Lounge Reception SeatingThe overall appearance of this space leaves a lasting impression on customers and has the potential to turn them away or increase their confidence in your company’s abilities. The design choices you select should reflect the image and message you want your business to express to new and returning clients. While the art you display and the tables you pick have a large impact on the rooms look, the reception seating you choose can make or break the waiting areas capability to impress and inspire your clients.

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