Mission: Office Desk Organization

Everyone wants to finish a day at the office feeling productive and successful, but often it can feel like a challenge just to keep up with everything that piles up on your desk. These three simple steps will show you how to organize your office desk, allowing you to focus on the projects that truly matter for your success.

Organized Office Desk

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Bariatric Chairs- Welcome Everyone to Your Medical Office

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 35% of the population in the US over age 20 can be classified as medically obese. Many of these people have a hard time sitting in traditional chairs made for smaller people. In general, a good portion of this population will be visiting their doctor more frequently because of health issues due to their weight, so it just makes sense that medical offices should invest in bariatric and oversized chairs to make their clients comfortable and welcome.

Bariatric Reception Chair by Lesro

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Dramatic Play – Kid’s Kitchen Play Ideas

Dramatic play – kid’s kitchen sets in preschools and day care centers promote pretend play in young children. It is important to have pretend play props available for young children to participate in spontaneous pretend play. Setting up a kitchen area, along with other props, such as aprons and cooking supplies encourages creative thinking and interaction with peers. Children learn how to cope with the world around them by imitating their parents and other adults in their lives. You can set the stage for dramatic play with a kid’s kitchen set, encouraging pretend play. Below are some benefits to dramatic play and some play ideas to help get you students involved.

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Win it {File-It} Paragon File Cabinet Giveaway- Enter Now!

Visit the Worthington Direct Facebook page for your chance to win a File-It mobile cabinet from Paragon in any color!

Win a Free File-It Mobile Pedestal from Paragon


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